• The Masconomet Strategic Plan is the result of a twelve-month journey of exploration of the question, “What type of schools do we need to ensure our students will be best prepared for future success?”


    During this process, a Working Team representing administration, faculty, parents and community members surveyed the larger Masconomet Community around their perceptions of our schools and learning environments. Through this effort, the Working Team was able to gather feedback regarding the strengths and areas for growth of our schools.  After reviewing and analyzing this information, the Working Team crafted a new Mission, Vision and Values Statement for the District and developed a five-year Strategic Plan to guide efforts towards achieving the aspirations stated in the Mission, Vision and Values.  


    The resulting Strategic Plan is organized into four Strategic Objectives, or main themes: Curriculum, Instruction, Culture and Wellbeing, and Community that were identified by the Working Team in the survey results.  Strategic Objectives are statements of the outcomes, or changes in knowledge and behavior that are desired.  Each Strategic Objective includes one or more Strategic Initiatives, which describe the outputs or activities that will be completed in order to achieve the Strategic Objective.


    Full Masconomet Strategic Plan Document


    Masconomet Strategic Plan Executive Summary