Masconomet Strategic Planning Initiative

  • In 2022-2023, the Masconomet Regional School District (Masco) is engaging in an aspirational, community conversation to redefine what success should look like for our students and schools and to embrace the practices that will enable the district to realize that vision.  

    With excellent educators and tremendous community support, Masco has a tradition of high performance. We strive to both honor that tradition and also prepare our students for a rapidly changing world.  Post-covid, we must embrace the idea that schools may need to look different than we remember, programs must become increasingly nimble, and the mental health and resiliency of both children and adults are essential. 

    During this fourteen (14) month engagement, we will ask: what competencies and attributes should the Masco graduate demonstrate? What programs and systems are in place to ensure they are prepared for meaningful work and citizenry?  Where are their opportunities to start, stop or accelerate programming to continually evolve and adapt to a changing student profile and world? What is our culture and process for planning? We will review and revise our vision, and craft a shared plan for how Masco might balance personnel, programming, and policy decisions over the next three to five years (2023-2026). We will not rush the process, but rather will be deliberate and thoughtful in developing a plan that is both a guide and a tool for measuring future performance and progress.

    We welcome your ideas. All interested parties, especially students, will have opportunities to share their perspectives and suggestions. Whenever possible, we will utilize surveys and focus groups to amplify our many voices.  We will prioritize regular communications, collaboration and shared problem solving during this process. 

    A team of faculty, school leadership, and community members will serve as the organizers, data collectors, authors and co-leaders of this work.  Together they will direct and inform the process. With guidance by an outside facilitator, they will explore and craft strategic objectives and initiatives, find consensus, and make recommendations for planning, communications, leadership, and resources. A final document will be completed by November 1, 2023.


    Strategic Plan Working Group Members


    Mike Harvey

    Central Office, Superintendent

    Lynne Bennett

    Central Office, Asst Superintendent (Student Services)

    Jeff Sands

    Central Office, Asst Superintendent (Finance and Operations)

    Mary Jo Carabatsos

    High School Principal

    Phil McManus

    Middle School Principal

    Andrew Boepple

    Middle School Educator, Social Studies

    Eva Hughes

    Dept Head, Social Studies

    Jeanne O’Hearn

    Dept Head, World Languages

    Julie Dematteis

    Interim Dept Head, School Counseling

    Alexis Kostas

    Middle School Adjustment Counselor

    Vanessa Yavorski

    Middle School Educator, Math

    Melissa Stanley

    High School Educator and MTA Representative, English

    Jake Ahearn

    High School Educator, Science

    Ursina Amsler

    Middle School Educator, Art

    Tasha Cooper

    School Committee, Chair

    Melissa Ogden

    School Committee, Vice Chair

    Naomi Doherty

    Masconomet Education Foundation and Parent

    Bonnie Thornborough

    Tri-Town Council Representative and Parent

    Rebecca Thomas

    Middle School Parent

    Jackie Dubois

    Tri-Town SEPAC President and Parent


    For updates on the Strategic Planning Process
    and for upcoming community conversations, please register HERE today.

Last Modified on November 10, 2022