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Three Towns, Two Schools, One Vision

Overwhelmingly, people  are proud of the school system’s achievements and the quality of education that Masconomet provides to the students of Boxford, Middleton, and Topsfield. I have found myself caught up in the enthusiasm I feel in this District—and energized by the commitment of our staff to educational excellence, and impressed by the enthusiasm of parents and other residents for the Tri-Town area and its culture, opportunities, experiences, and traditions. Masconomet is an experience for students and parents that ties the three towns together as one identity in many ways. Masconomet and the Tri-Town Community have a symbiotic relationship that is unique in my experience. The relationship produces an energy and excitement that is both positive and pervasive.


Masconomet employs exceptional teachers and educational leaders. During classroom visits, I witnessed truly extraordinary teaching and learning, as well as a clear focus on students and their diverse needs. We have outstanding employees in every support area from instructional to secretarial, to custodial and maintenance, to food services. Human Resources are what drive education excellence and no more critical function exists in a school district. We are fortunate to have the people who are the Masconomet Public Schools.


There is a lot of information in these pages and links that tells the story of how three towns work together for the success of all. Please explore the web site.



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