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Emergency Medical Technician Course

Since its inception in 1999, Masconomet’s EMT program has provided students the opportunity to take a course that meets both national and state requirements to become certified Emergency Medical Technicians. The program teaches students how to assess, treat and transport both medical and trauma patients.

Topics range from anatomy, physiology, scene safety/assessment, general pharmacology, medical emergencies, injury care, documentation and patient transport to the study of specific populations including geriatrics, pediatrics, and patients with chronic conditions. Through a special arrangement with Lyons Ambulance in Danvers, students ride with paramedics as part of their training, observing the advanced care and operations that occur in ambulances. Since 2014, students have also participated in a field trip to the 911 Museum/Memorial in New York City to pay respect to those lost and to reflect on the many changes implemented by fire, police and EMS agencies as a result of that tragedy.

The course initially allowed students to enjoy a course that introduced them to the medical field or to prepare for certification for work in EMS, firefighting or law enforcement. Today’s added benefits include the opportunity to work in college EMS systems as well as to getting meaningful experience providing care to patients. Many programs that prepare nurses, physicians, PAs, athletic trainers and other medical professions now require a number of patient care hours be accrued before acceptance into/completion of programs- EMT work is viewed very favorably by these programs due to the challenges of the work and the exposure to diverse experiences.


Hi Mr. West! 

I hope all is well! I heard you have a lot of EMT classes at masco this year. Every time there was a student at Lyons I would tell them to tell you I said hi. Anyway, I just wanted to say that the EMT class in high school was a great stepping stone into the professional medical world and really helped me through nursing school. I learned not only how to treat a patient's medical condition and respond in an emergency, but how to talk to a patient. Which can be a hard still to acquire at first. Then, when I got the job at Lyons I was able to apply everything I had learned. Even though there's the book way and the field way. It was really a great experience for me and opened so many doors. I felt it gave me a step up in school compared to those who had no medical experience at all. As a nurse now I often think back to the class in high school and my time at Lyons and how I believe in a way it shaped me into the nurse I am today.  Even though I no longer work for Lyons I'll never forget the people I've worked with, the patients I've helped and all the crazy but awesome situations/experiences working in EMS has put me through. So I'd like to thank you for that opportunity and good luck and have fun to your future EMT's! 

Emily Panunzio 
Masco Class of 2010