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  By Stella Nagle

  Junior Tyler McMahon works hard on and off of the field. He makes sure to balance his musical side while keeping the focus on the sport he loves.  

  McMahon plays both sides for Masco, as a Tight End and a Defensive End. 

  He has been playing football for 6 and a half years and has been a loyal player in Masco’s football program ever since he was little. 

  He looked at schools such as Pingree, Brooks, and Saint John’s Prep. All of them have noteworthy football programs, but Masco continued to be McMahon’s favorite. All of his siblings had gone to Masco, so when faced with the chance to go to private school, he chose to stay.

  He looks forward to his chance at playing at the D1 level. 

  McMahon said, “Masco football is unique because of the brotherhood that is created within the team. Everyone here works hard to not only push themselves but each other as well.”

  He makes sure to stay in shape by working on route running with Merrimack College receiver Jacari Carter. 

  His spot on the spring track team has allowed him to really break down his running form. He has been able to work on and train specifically for running during his off-season, making his speed and stamina on the field stand out.

  Last year he consistently held one of the top spots on Masco's boys’ track team for his

  This past season he was awarded the Conference ward, All-State, and all northeast awards for his performance this past season.

  Each of these awards prides him on his hard work during last season. On top of those three awards, he was also selected for division three all-state standout. 

   Along with football, McMahon is also a musician and singer. While he was too nervous to sing in front of a live audience, he has shown his skills of playing the piano in his chorus classes, along with occasional shows for his friends and family.

   He has been playing the piano off and on for the last six years. He has learned over 20 songs and has gotten better with each song learned. 

  He said, “ When he plays the piano he feels a sense of calm. It allows for him to set aside time to focus on quieting his mind while giving him a break from the pressures of life.”

  Even since starting piano, it has given McMahon not only another skill he is able to focus on mastering but a way to get away from his world. The piano allows him to step back and focus on something that is just for him. He can focus on one song at one time while going at his own pace.

  It is something that is both relaxing and skills developing at the same time. This is what makes him stick with this skill after so many years.

     This June he will be back to football with numerous football camps planned to work on and showcase his skills to colleges. These camps are what can potentially boost athletes' college careers in an array of different sports. 

  In all, McMahon has a lot planned for his upcoming season and future. He has put a lot of work into not only football but making sure to spend time with his loved ones.

  He is definitely one to watch in this upcoming season.