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By Fiona Bolzan

  Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, the long awaited sequel to Knives Out, is finally out and the fans have a lot to say. 

  The original Knives Out, directed by Rian Johnson, came out in 2019. The movie starred famous actors, including Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, and Jamie Lee Curtis, and was a breakout movie for Ana De Armas. The plot follows detective Benoit Blanc as he investigates the murder of Harlan Thrombey, a mystery author, at his 85th birthday party. The movie is full of twists and turns and intriguing characters. It was a major hit, grossing over $300 million in the box office. Fans were anxious for a sequel. 

  “I saw Knives Out several times with my family and we loved it. I’m a big fan of Agatha Christie-esque mysteries. It’s hard to imagine that Glass Onion can live up to all that- I mean, it’s not filmed in Massachusetts- but I’m definitely going to go to a movie theater to see it,” said history department head Eva Hughes.    

  Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery was released in theaters November 23 and is set to be on Netflix December 23. The movie follows the same detective Blanc, but with new characters, a new setting, and a whole new mystery. The movie features Edward Norton, Kate Hudson, and Janelle Monae. 

  The movie is centered around billionaire Miles Bron, played by Norton, who invites his friends on a vacation where they will be solving the mystery of his own murder as a game. The movie uses the pandemic conditions to their advantage, by creating a plot centered around a group of wealthy friends having a remote getaway to escape the chaos of the COVID pandemic. 

  Blanc mysteriously and unexpectedly receives an invitation. Once on the island, tensions are high, and secrets are rumbling. The guests anxiously await for their murder game to begin, yet things take a turn and murder becomes more than a game. 

  “I thought the movie was great. It was filled with suspense and there was a new unexpected twist every couple of minutes,” said senior Jessy Villarreal-Reyes. 

  Because of the deal with Netflix, Glass Onion was only in theaters for a week, yet it made approximately $15 million. While some have opted to wait until its Netflix release, many have seen the movie in theaters. The movie has had an overall positive reaction, but some fans prefer the original Knives Out.  

  “Glass Onion was a very good movie, but preferably I liked Knives Out more. I thought the characters’ relationship in Knives Out and the whole entire mystery was more compelling than Glass Onion,” said senior Brooke Silvano.

  Beyond the mystery and characters, fans are finding a deeper message in this story of wealth, corruption, and crime. 

  “The movie makes a point that rich people are not geniuses, they are just rich. It also demonstrates that the ruling class will always protect each other,” said senior Sara Tocci. 

  As anticipation for Glass Onion’s Netflix release builds, Johnson is pushing for it to return to theaters the same day. Netflix appears to be open to this possibility, but the question of whether or not theaters would show the movie is still up in the air.

  Whether or not Glass Onion returns to the big screen remains unseen, but there is no doubt that audiences will enjoy it, from their couch or a theater.