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By Nathaniel Fryman  

  Senior Sara Tocci has been leading the way as the President of the Executive Board. 

  “Sara has done an excellent job. She has helped to facilitate new initiatives like the all-school dances,” said advisor Benjamin Hanchett. “She is also organized, responsible, and is inclusive of students.”

  Tocci’s job is to ensure that the Student Council continues to make progress. She runs the Student Council meetings, where they plan activities for the school. 

  The Executive Board acts more like a committee, the president is in charge of facilitating all meetings as well as setting the agenda for full Student Council meetings. The Board has to run with a schedule to keep up with the rest of the school.

  Tocci not only facilitates the meetings, but also mediates them. Making agendas, leading meetings, and leading discussions that the Student Council is interested in are just some of Tocci’s responsibilities. 

  “I like combining everyone's ideas into something special and unique, and getting to put on events that the whole Council is passionate about,” she said.

  Tocci didn’t become president until her senior year. She ran for president-elect at the end of her sophomore year, which was in the midst of lockdown. Because the grade could not meet in-person, she had to record a speech to be shown on an online assembly.

  “I probably recorded my video 50 times, but all the work just made it more rewarding to win,” said Tocci. “I spent the end of sophomore year, and most of junior year, as President-Elect, which is basically an apprentice to the president.”

  By being the President-Elect all junior year helped prepare her for when she took over as the Executive Board President.

  "I really found my footing this year. It's a total 180 from my freshman year, when I never really knew what was going on and was just happy to be along for the ride," said Tocci. "It's a lot of work to be on the Executive Board, but when you have [representatives] as great as Masco's, it's always fun."

  Tocci and the other members of the Executive Board work well in a team to bring change and create plans.

  “I think that one of the most important elements in having a successful student government is communication. [Tocci] communicates with all of us very well and knows how to stay organized, while also helping all of us stay on task,” said senior Student Advisory Board representative Raquel Rave.

  Tocci brings a unique perspective to Student Council, and is respected among her Student Council peers. 

  “Sara is somebody whom I respect as a president and also as someone whom I look to improve myself,” said Vice President Connor Thompson.

  Tocci, Rave, Thompson, and Hanchett are ready to continue leading the Student Council and Masconomet.  

Nathaniel Fryman