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People Feel Winter Break Should End Early In The Month

By Theo MacQuarrie


  It seems that with winter break comes the fatigue and exhaustion of not wanting to return to school. Some say it’s too early to go back to school, but others say it’s worth it in the long run.

  “I’m okay with us going back to school the day after New Year’s Day because I am always thinking ahead to June,” said English teacher Reilly Finnegan, “We have to get to 180 days and if we have a lot of snow days, it means a long June in a hot building. I would rather squeeze in the days where we can so we can get out a bit earlier in June when everyone is feeling maxed out on school.”

  Many students do not share this view. Some believe that school should get back much later in order to give students time to relax.

  “I believe that schools should begin a week after the new year because I am very tired most of the time,” said freshman Anders Raines. “I would be very happy and excited to go back to school if it was later.”

  Not all students feel this way. Some feel that planning ahead while also giving time to prepare and ease into the start of the new year is best.

  “I think schools should get back around January 4 because it gives the students and staff a nice long break from a stressful year, but it also gives them more time to prepare for the new year,” said freshman Ada Paglierani. “It also gives them time to plan ahead.”

  While it may be important to get back to school early, it can still have great effects on students and staff.

  “It’s definitely tough to get back into the school routine right after the holiday break,” said Finnegan. “I always tell my classes I think it’s the toughest vacation to come back from. When I’m in the moment, I would definitely love a longer break, but I like that we start back with a shorter week so we can ease back into things.”

  Not all students and staff feel this way. Everyone is different and getting back to school can be a negative thing for one person, and a positive for another.

  “I think getting back to school early has had a good effect on me,” said Paglierani. “I wanted to go to school, and I missed seeing my friends every day at lunch. I think I would be fine with school opening later, it wouldn’t be my first choice but I would accept it.”

  While it may not be ideal, school getting back so early in the month does help people in the long term. It reduces the amount of days students will have in the summer when the heat is unbearable. Even in the short term, some people haven’t seen their friends for the entire vacation, and getting back early will cheer them up. All of this can be boiled down to one sentence: it is what it is.


Theodore MacQuarrie