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8th Grade Literacy Workshop Students Visit Cole School

On Friday, March 4, 50 8th grade students in Mr. Kelsen's Literacy Workshop class visited pre-K through 2nd grade classrooms at the Cole Elementary School in Boxford to share the illustrated children's books that they wrote and illustrated. 
The elementary students were so excited to meet these older authors and many of them shared their favorite books and even their own writing with the middle school students. The Cole School reports that the visit created excitement and inspiration for reading and writing among their children.
Middle School students in photos below, from left to right: Alana Gerry, Bryson Barraclough, Conor Crowley, Jacob Olson, Eliza Sampson, Julia Miller, Khayyam Alam, Kiley Saxonis, Maria Lantzakis, Sonia Scarfo, Sophis Rosati, Tucker Hanson, Zach Rock. 
 Alana Gerry   Bryson   Conor   Jacob
Eliza    Julia   Khayyam    Kiley    Maria    Sonia    Sophia    Tucker    Zach