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November 4th begins state mandated 10th Grade Screenings

Vision and Hearing Screening on all 10th grade students begins November 4th. Your child's screening is scheduled to take place during their English period. The screening is performed in the nurse’s office individually with each child.  If your child wears contacts or glasses, they will need to wear them for the screening. If your child does not pass the screening, a written letter will be sent home with directions on follow up.    

In order to maximize time on learning, the 10th grade BMI Screening will take place at the same time. Each student's height and weight is obtained privately. If you would like the results of this screening, feel free to contact the school nurse directly as individual results are not sent home routinely. 

If you would like your child to be exempt from either of these screenings, you must provide a written note to the school nurse prior to the screening.