Early Childhood Class Hosts Little Ones

Posted by Peter Delani on 4/2/2019 6:00:00 AM


The Early Childhood class recently hosted a wonderful day of administering and teaching a Daycare program, for the staff’s children at Masconomet. This day is a part of a culminating project for our seniors and juniors. For the Early Childhood student’s, it allows them to have a hands-on experience to apply their knowledge about child development. The ability to experience teaching a child allows our student’s further insight into the behaviors of the child as well as how to problem solve. It also allows our student’s to be assessed in an environment that many of them excel in.

 This year the student’s implemented a sensory walk, chose music that helps control or change the classroom environment, and researched classroom design. The Early Childhood class will now use this experience and observations as a platform for further inquiry of elementary into adolescent hood.

 We thank everyone who participated and allowed this experience to happen.  Kim Marini