Credit For Life Fair

Posted by Peter Delani on 5/23/2019 2:30:00 PM

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On Tuesday, May 21, almost 160 Masco juniors took part in the 9th annual Credit For Life Fair at Masconomet High School with 11 other area high schools and close to 1,000 other students.  During the day students simulated the life of a 25 year old professional learning the ins and outs of how to manage their budget for a month as they explored expenses ranging from housing, transportation, health and wellness and other unexpected life events.  Students were given salaries, credit scores and in many cases a credit card spending limit.  This was a great opportunity for students to gain perspective on the household expenses they will one day have to plan for and making valuable decisions about their needs vs. wants.  Many thanks to the Institution for Savings for bringing this event to our students.

See the Channel 5 News report here: