New to Masco – sorting stations that include composting!

Posted by Peter Delani on 8/29/2019 1:00:00 PM


The Green Team, including the Environmental Club, several members of Masconomet’s leadership, and community partners have worked for nearly a year on this project to make Masco more green!

Our facilities staff built the stations for the Green Team’s first initiative.  From left to right in the photo above, tan barrel – to pour out liquids, blue for recycling, green for composting, and black for trash.  Examples of what can be recycled or composted are displayed on the table above each barrel. There is a spot to stack your trays on the table as well.

  Staff from both middle and high school had a chance to try out the new system already.  If you have a future project idea for The Green Team, contact Jessica Zaniewski: