Art & The Environment: 3D Models of Endangered Birds

Posted by Peter Delani on 11/1/2019 1:30:00 PM

bird art

For the past few weeks, the classes of Art Studio I and Art Explorations have been diving into an interdisciplinary study of endangered and threatened species of birds from across the globe. We were inspired by the work of contemporary artist Christopher Patch, who recently had an installation of 43 life-sized paper-maché birds on display at the Portland Museum of Art in Maine. Patch is an avid bird watcher and based his sculptures upon his field observations. Students researched endangered bird species and used high quality photographs to begin building their models. Patch’s sculptures are highly detailed and decorated with collaged paper that reflect specific species; our students were inspired by his craftsmanship to begin visually describing their birds in a similar fashion. Our hope is that when these birds go on display in large flocks that it will draw attention to the fact that there are fewer and fewer birds of these species out in the world today and it can start a conversation about WHY there are fewer of these birds, the major impact that it has on the environment, and what we can be doing about it right now. click link to visit the online gallery for Patch’s exhibition.





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