Honors Engineering & Arduino Microcontrollers

Posted by Peter Delani on 1/16/2020 10:30:00 AM

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This semester the Honors Engineering course has been learning how to use Arduino microcontrollers.  Arduinos combine electronics with computer programming.  The class began with an introduction to programming using Java, and then added simple electronics like LED’s and resistors.  They then added sensors and actuators, including variable resistors, range finders, motors, servos and wireless transmitters and receivers. 

The capstone required students to work in groups to make spooky-themed Arduino projects that were user-interactive.  The projects had to use multiple sensors and actuators, and respond to user input.  Students displayed their projects in the Fish Bowl for visitors.  One project played an audio file when a doorbell was pressed, another made LEDs, in the eye sockets of a skeleton, blink when you breathed on a sensor. Another project had a radio-controlled teddy bear robot that drove around the room blinking lights and playing sounds.

The materials used in the course, including Arduinos, sensors, wiring and rechargeable batteries, were all paid for by MEF (Masconomet Educational Foundation) grants.