10.07.20 Meeting Summary

Posted by MSC on 10/9/2020

 “Job number one is to do what’s in the best interest of our students.”

—Superintendent Mike Harvey, about FFCRA and teacher accommodations 


Masco rainbow

The famed Oct. 7 rainbow over Masconomet just before the School Committee meeting


Meeting highlights: 

  • The committee voted unanimously to implement the school’s Hybrid Learning Plan on Monday, October 19, 2020. 
  • View Dr. Harvey’s announcement to our community about next steps
  • HS Principal Pete Delani led a discussion on: 
    • classes, sports and clubs off to a great start
    • positive feedback on remote learning and its schedule
    • the WIN block “protects the academic integrity of the class times”
    • imagining unimagined spaces and Vision 2025
  • Assistant Superintendent Jeff Sands presented a FY21 Financial Update 
    • Discussion on the laws, ethics, educational impact and financial impact of providing accommodations to employees 
    • In a pandemic, the need for such school staff increases, and is supported by the same state and federal laws that apply to all employers of 50-500 employees
    • In any non-remote model, a teacher not physically in a classroom is filled by an alternate employee (substitute, paraprofessional, proctor, etc.) 
      • Reasons (any time) can include illness, family, physical/mental health care, quarantine, meetings, etc. 
      • Employing accommodations that allow our highly-qualified teachers to continue teaching our students is the most responsible solution for
        • our students’ education
        • our employees
        • our finances
        • our vision
  • Policy, Anti-racism, and Community Relations subcommittees are meeting regularly
  • The committee expressed gratitude for our student SAB representatives; Senior rep. Liv Dunham shared questions and student feedback on current and proposed learning models - available in summary notes
  • This two-question community survey continues to be available where parents, students and staff can ask their most pressing questions. 


Further notes can be found in the  Summary Notes* from the 10/07/2020 meeting.  *These are not meeting minutes and not intended to be a transcription of the meeting.


District highlights: 


Community resources:

  • TriTown Council is hosting a Parent Program: "The Secret Life of Tweens & Teens" - A 2-part interactive program with licensed therapist Jon Mattleman on Tuesday, October 15 & 22, 7:00-8:00pm (See attached flyer for more info and webinar registration)
  • SEPAC is an excellent support resource for families. Follow them on facebook!
  • School Committee meetings:  Due to covid-19 limitations on in-person meetings, public comments must be submitted in writing to our Chair by noon the day of a meeting. Watch our meetings live or recorded. Email questions, comments or concerns to the committee Chair, Carolyn Miller, at cmiller@masconomet.org 


NEXT SC Meeting: 

Our next regular School Committee meeting will be Wednesday, October 21

Meeting agendas, minutes, documents, and videos are posted on-line at: https://www.masconomet.org/domain/41