PSA & 05.25.2022 Summary Notes

Posted by MSC on 5/31/2022

PSA - May 2022

Following the latest assault on school children–this time in Uvalde, Texas–communities around the country are struggling with how to be certain that their schools are as safe as they can be. We have heard from several individuals who are concerned about a police report regarding an unauthorized person who accessed the school on May 13th through a propped door. Our towns and our District have invested heavily in safety and security protocols over the past 10 years, and those protocols worked effectively during this event. Dr. Harvey addressed the event and the decision-making process around communication in his message last week. At our next School Committee meeting (June 8th at 7:00pm), we will have an Executive Session to discuss campus security and communication protocols. Discussing all safety procedures in public can undermine their effectiveness. We will also have a general update on this topic for the public as a part of the Superintendent's report. Mike will invite Boxford Police Chief Riter to join us at that meeting. The agenda will be posted here. We understand that our community is on edge following the latest attack on a school building. Every community in the country is experiencing the same thing and, as parents, we feel it intensely. We look forward to our meeting next week.

05/25/2022 Meeting Summary Notes

*These are not meeting minutes and are not intended to be a transcription of the meeting.
  • Comments from the Public. There were no comments from the public.
  • Student Advisory Board update. SAB Class of 2025 member Greta Hartung reported that students are busy with end-of-year programming. She advised that the announcement speakers in a couple of specific rooms are not as audible as they could be, and the administration will be looking into that.
  • School Committee Reorganization. The School Committee reorganizes itself annually following town elections. The Committee agreed on a draft meeting schedule and elected Tasha Cooper as Chair and Terri Teleen as Vice Chair. The following subcommittee assignments were also approved:
  • Policy: Melissa Ogden (Chair), Carolyn Miller, Trevor Currier
  • Budget: Terri Teleen (Chair), Dominic Casamassima, Bill Hodges
  • Community Relations: Patti Bernheart (Chair), Kosta Prentakis, Zillie Bhuju, Joe McLean
  • District Capital Improvement: Carolyn Miller (Chair), Kosta Prentakis, Melissa Ogden
  • Anti-Racism: Bill Hodges (Chair), Dominic Casamassima, Terri Teleen
  • Turf liaison: Tasha Cooper, Trevor Currier
  • SEPAC liaison: Patti Bernheart, Zillie Bhuju
  • Superintendents Update. Dr. Harvey presented his update, which appears in his blog. It is available here. Safety and security measures were discussed regarding Masco’s campus and the collaborative relationship the district has with local safety departments. Security staffing, prevention, rapid response protocols, and surveillance were among the things discussed.
  • Masconomet Teachers Association. The committee approved a Memorandum of Agreement with the Masconomet Teachers Association about course reimbursement. The MOA is available here.
  • Budget Subcommittee Update. Thank you to the citizens of Boxford, Middleton, and Topsfield for supporting the Masconomet budget at your Town Meetings.
  • Anti-Racism Subcommittee Update. The subcommittee is exploring options for partnering with local faith communities.
  • Policy Subcommittee Update. The subcommittee is continuing the process of reviewing and updating the School Committee policy manual.
  • Liaison Updates. Anyone who would like to follow Masconomet student Andrea Salvaggio’s road to recovery is invited to join a FB group created for her here
Upcoming Meetings: Please refer to the “Public Meetings” page on the Masconomet Website for a list of upcoming meetings and agendas.
Note that all past meeting meetings and recordings are posted here