Summary Notes - Wednesday June 22, 2022

Posted by MSC on 6/28/2022

Masconomet Regional School Committee Regular Meeting @ 7pm via Zoom
A. Call to Order
B. Remarks from Chair
  • Statement written by Dr. Harvey read by Tasha Cooper
  • Dr. Harvey not in attendance at tonight’s mtg
  • Tasha Cooper made opening remarks: congratulations to class of 2022; administration has apologized for mistakes and are committed to working to improve their communication with the community and SC moving forward; focus upon working together as a community for the students.
C. Field Trip Presentation to Costa Rica
  • Approved by School Committee
D. Field Trip Presentation to Barcelona Spain Trip
  • Approved by School Committee
E. Master Teacher Recommendations
  • Dana Fowler, Erika Donovan, Leah Stewart, Allison Lecesse, Brett Ordway, April Cochran, Erin Evans, Ryan Quadros, Ai Li, Eric Artus, Jason Tierney, Kim Marini, James Maciak
  • Approved by School Committee
F. Superintendent’s Update
  • School Security Update - link for more information can be found on Superintendent’s blog; read aloud by SC Chair; Concluded Review of Investigation of 5/13 incident; School Committee members engaged in lengthy discussion of various aspects of security protocol discussions that took place last week with superintendent in executive session; committee also discussed opinions on request for emergency meeting, questions were raised about staff/community’s level of trust in admin at this time, discussed Dr. Harvey not being in attendance to tonight’s mtg, and reflected on how things were communicated and whether it would have been different if proper channels of communication and protocol had been followed, discussed impact of social media and keeping scale of problem issues that arise in perspective as best we can.
  • School Schedule: discussion of the unfortunate way in which this new schedule was presented to the public, students in particular; SC Chair read aloud highlights from Dr. Harvey’s proposed Pilot Daily Schedule which was created by the Schedule Task Force. Schedule includes increased instructional time, daily flex block for students to seek additional academic support, and all content area classes to meet 4x per week. More info on schedule included on the link on this mtg’s agenda. Committee members discussed increased flex time being made possible through changes made through negotiations with the teacher's union recently. Flex blocks will be structured, by appt or when required by teacher(s). Designated space will be available for students not needing flex block on a given day. Weekly professional development incorporated, which was one of the goals of increasing PD for staff in upcoming years. Congratulations to all staff retiring this year!
G. Faculty Request for Student Enrollment:
  • SC approved request 10:1
H. Ratify Tentative Agreement w/Masco Assoc of Prof Administrators
  • SC approved request
I. Ratify Tentative Agreement w/American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO, state council 93, local 939
  • SC approved request
J. Vote to accept Settlement Agreement w/Masco Teachers Assoc. Regarding Prohibited Practice Complaint w/Dept of Labor Relations
  • SC approved request
K. Second Reading of Policy Revisions and Review of Section B minus Selected Exclusions: BA, BBAA, BBBA/BBBB, BCA, BEDB
  • BBBC - committee agreed to remove “or district” from one sentence
  • SC unanimously approved these policies with this minor revision
L. Designate School Committee Members to sign warrants
  • Domenic and Bill were designated as signers, with Tasha as back up.
  • SC approved
M. Subcommittee Reports
  • Community Relations (PB) - reflected upon successful Small Town Hero Awards Ceremony
  • Budgets (TT) - no budget meetings scheduled
  • Anti-Racism (WH) - will be scheduling a meeting sometime soon
  • Policy (MO) - 7/15/22 next Policy mtg; 6/29 - MASC training w/Policy Committee members about updating policy manuals
  • Negotiations: none at this time
  • Liaison Updates: Domenic attended Middleton Select Board mtg, introduced himself and opened lines of communication, discussed STH Awards
N. Consent Agenda
  • Minutes approved by SC
  • Warrants approved by SC