Moving Forward After the Election

Posted by Kevin Lyons at 11/10/2016

The 2016 Presidential Election

President -elect Trump and President Barack Obama today.

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Dear Masco Families and Staff.


I offer my opinion to you that this past presidential campaign has shown more than ever that we need to come together for the good of the entire country. There has been so much fear and hate in this campaign, that I ask you to think over  its meaning for our immediate and long-term future.


Whichever candidate came out on top, there was a near guarantee that there would be fear, anger, protest, and some continuation of the fear and hate experienced for too long already.


We have seen a small amount of argumentative politics over the last two days at school. Any amount going forward, outside of our curriculum and natural discourse in our academic programs, is to no one’s benefit.


We need to let our students know that we continue to love, support, and keep them safe while we also open the doors of opportunity that are here for them in this great country. Let them know that our checks and balance systems are in place to help us reach the goal of coming together for them and for all.  This statement is needed not because a particular candidate won, but rather the nature of the campaign and the civil dialogue that has become uncivil.


This weekend, as we honor our veterans, I want to reassure our students, families, and staff that we will hold the standard high for civility and respect. As a community both inside our schools and outside our schools, we value collaboration, cooperation, and helping our neighbor. We will continue as Masconomet and the Tri-Towns to be respectful and supportive of each other.


I have great trust in our staff, parents and students, to do what this great democracy has done for more than two centuries — wish each new president success in increasing prosperity for our nation and in uniting our citizens. The latter need and challenge has never been greater.


Our students find great safety in knowing that life goes on as they know it. If any student is exhibiting additional anxiety surrounding the election, please reach out to your school counselors or administration for guidance and support.


Thank you all as we move forward with our hopes that our youth will develop the beliefs that have led to this exemplary democracy. By reinforcing the fact that our democracy does work, students will grow in courage to make it better in their successive generations by working together with respect for all people, and grow in understanding that different perspectives on life and on government are part of living in a true democracy.