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  • Masconomet Middle School is committed to supporting each student’s academic, physical, emotional, and social development as a young adolescent. Our students are actively engaged in their own learning and personal growth. Students are provided challenging opportunities that demonstrate and apply their abilities to be creative, think critically, work collaboratively, and exhibit positive character while interacting in a global and technology-centric society.

Principal's Blog

  • Weekly Update 01/16/2017

    Posted by Dorothy Flaherty at 1/17/2017

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  • Power Outage Today

    Posted by Dorothy Flaherty at 1/12/2017 2:35:00 PM

    This is to notify you that we experienced a power outage today at Masconomet. The power went out at approximately 11:45 and came back on at       1:30 p.m. The middle school remained in a Shelter in Place during this period, which allowed teaching and learning to continue as normal. Once the power returned, we moved to 7th block classes. We moved any internal classrooms to an area that receives external light and had flashlights or allowed students to use the light on their cell phone if light was needed to use the bathroom in an emergency. I am proud and pleased to share with you that everyone was flexible and cooperative and that all went well during this period. We did have two students that were in the elevator at the time of the power outage but the fire department came to help release them from the elevator. The students were fine and stayed at school for the remainder of the day. As we had altered our end of the day activities by the time power had resumed, we continued today with the announcement that had been shared that all extra help, activities and meetings at the middle school were cancelled this afternoon, with one exception.   The math team will go to their afterschool math meet in Rockport today.

    It was an unusual experience but again I am so proud of the way that everyone reacted and worked to continue with as normal of a day as was possible under the circumstances.

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  • Weekly Update 01/09/2017

    Posted by Dorothy Flaherty at 1/9/2017

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  • Weekly Update 01/02/2017

    Posted by Dorothy Flaherty at 1/3/2017

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  • Weekly Update 12-19

    Posted by Dorothy Flaherty at 12/19/2016

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  • Weekly Update 12-12

    Posted by Dorothy Flaherty at 12/13/2016

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  • Monday Morning Announcement

    Posted by Dorothy Flaherty at 12/12/2016 1:00:00 PM

    Good Afternoon,

    The full Monday Principal's Newsletter will be sent out tomorrow. However, I wanted to share with all parents/guardians an announcement that I delivered to all students, staff and faculty this morning via our morning announcements. The text of my announcement is written below. Additionally, I wanted to tell you that a Shelter-in-Place practice drill was conducted this morning. As you will see below, this type of drill has teachers lock their door and everyone remains in class. Nobody is allowed in the halls but normal teaching and learning continues in the classroom. Students listened very well and teachers followed the process according to the procedures. As a district administration, we will review and examine measures to further improve our directions and procedures in the future.


    Monday Morning Announcement: Monday, December 12, 2016

    Good Morning Everyone

    I have some important information that I would like to share with you this morning.  It serves two purposes. First, we want you to have accurate information, so if you hear any rumors, you will know the truth. Second, I want you all to know what to do if, as a school, we conduct a practice safety drill. Some of you heard that over the past two weeks, three high school students were disciplined for bringing prohibited items onto school property. Let me begin by telling you that at no time was anyone threatened or in danger. One student had a permitted rifle in the trunk of his car; it never left the trunk of his car. In the second incident, a student brought an air soft gun into the high school. Again, there was no intent to use the air gun in the building. I know that some of you also own an air soft gun, or may receive one as a gift during this holiday season. Please make sure to always use them safely, and know that you should never bring them to school or onto school property for any reason. The high school administration and personnel investigated each incident, used our safety procedures, and quickly handled each situation.

    Again, let me assure you that everyone is safe and that all the safety procedures that we use as a school worked exactly as they were designed. Also, know that we take the safety of our school and the people in the school very seriously. These safety protocols are well known and practiced by all the adults in the building. However, as we reflected on the incidents of last week, we also thought about how often we share and practice various types of safety drills with our students. We plan to increase what we share and how often we practice these drills with everyone, including students. As such, we will conduct different types of drills in the coming weeks and months, and I want all of you to know what these drills may be and what will be expected of you as students during each type of drill.


    Fire Drill: You are familiar with this drill and we all exit the building orderly on the path known by your teacher and posted in the classroom.  You relocate to the field and wait for clearance to re-enter the building.  In a future drill, firemen may tell you that a route is blocked and you need to take a different route.  Students need to calmly and quietly follow the directions of your teacher or an adult who will lead you where you need to go.  Once an ALL CLEAR has been given, you may re-enter the building and resume a normal day.

    Shelter In Place: During this drill, teachers will lock classroom doors and everyone remains in place in their classroom. Teaching and learning and normal classroom activity continues, but nobody is allowed into the hall. Nobody will be permitted to enter or leave the building. We have actually used this several times over the past few years for a medical situation in the hallways. Once an ALL CLEAR has been given, all normal activity may resume.

    Lock Down: A lock down is used when there is an imminent threat to the school population. The teacher will lock the door, turn off the lights, shut the blinds and move you away from the classroom door and hallway window.  Students will be asked to listen carefully, maintain silence and to duck down. If a teacher/adult believes it is safer to move to another location, follow their directions. An ALL CLEAR or future instructions will be provided as the event plays out.

    Relocation Drill Within School: If a problem exists in one section of a building, for example, a broken water pipe, or sudden weather condition, students may be relocated to another, safer area within the school. Students should be quiet so that all may hear the instructions of an adult and follow that person in an orderly manner.

    Evacuation: An evacuation is relocation to another site. Many of you practiced this at your elementary school and walked to a nearby location.  Masco doesn’t have a facility adjacent or close to us. As such, if we needed to evacuate, we would load students onto buses. Follow the adult instructions. We will move orderly to a meeting location outside and teachers will take attendance. We would take buses most likely to the Topsfield Fair grounds. A decision will be made and students will be returned to school if the threat is over, or may be dismissed to parents/guardians from the alternative location. (I shared with all that on my first day of teaching here at Masco, we conducted an actual evacuation when a gas line was hit during the construction project for the new high school.)

    Please do not worry if you don’t remember all the information I just provided. The first time we do a certain type of drill; there will be many adults to assist you through anything that you need to do. The only things you need to remember from this morning’s announcement are that if you are quiet and listen to the adults they will let you know everything you need to know throughout the drill.

    We will not have any additional announcements this morning in case you have specific questions regarding the types of drills. You may ask questions to your homeroom teacher, teachers, or guidance counselor. If he/she doesn’t know an answer to your question, they may contact Mr. Monagle or me and we will get an answer to you during the day. Furthermore, Mr. Monagle and I will be in the halls in- between classes and you may ask us questions as well.

    Remember, the best thing you can do as an individual in our school to provide a safe, welcoming environment for everyone is to practice our MASCO core values, help to create a culture of kindness and if you see or hear something that concerns you or that doesn’t look right, tell an adult immediately.


    Have a great day and stay dry!

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  • 2016 Holiday Gift Book Suggestions

    Posted by Dorothy Flaherty at 12/7/2016

    Click here to see a list put together by the Middle School Librarian,  Mrs. Green, of recommendations for great gift book ideas for all the young people on your holiday shopping list. Help raise our Masco Million numbers by giving the gift of a book this year!

    Happy Holidays!

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