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  • School Start Time

    The Masconomet School Committee, Boxford School Committee, Middleton School Committee, and Topsfield School Committee have appointed member representatives to the School Start Times Advisory Committee. This Advisory Committee will investigate the feasibility of a later morning start time for Masconomet  and consider options to effect a plan with that intention. Email the Advisory Committee with your comments or questions.


    Masconomet School Committee Representatives

    William Hodges, Topsfield, Chair

    Teresa Buono, Middleton

    Carolyn Miller, Boxford

    Hagan Rivers, Boxford


    Boxford School Committee Reps.

    David Rivers


    Middleton School Committee Reps.

    Tasha Cooper


    Topsfield School Committee Reps.

    Katrina Frere



    Superintendents (not voting)

    Scott Morrison, Tri-Town Union

    Kevin Lyons, Masconomet


    Adjunct Members

    Kim Bitto, Masco Parent

    Diane Carreiro, Elementary Principal

    Kathryn Castonguay, Elementary Principal

    Sandra Dearborn, MTA President

    John Daileanes, Masco AD

    Pete Delani, Acting MRHS Principal

    Barbara Deeley, Middleton Educators' Assoc.

    Kristen DeMarco, SEPAC

    Dorothy Flaherty, MRMS Principal  

    Susan Givens, Masco CFO  

    Steve Greenberg, TTU Asst. Supt.

    Maureen Jordan, Topsfield Teachers' Assoc.

    Karen Newton, Middleton Educators' Assoc.

    Deb O'Brien, Boxford Teachers' Assoc.  

    Sarah O'Leary, Elementary Principal                   

    Carla Wiles-Stasko, Boxford Teachers' Assoc.