• Parents and Guardians may use this page to aide their students in research, citing their resources and encourage submitting pages to Masco Million. Resources will require an username and password that all students have access to through the Middle School Student Resource page in their Blackboard accounts.

  • Online Library Resources

    General Encyclopedias (World Book, Britannica)

    Premiere Databases (A collection of encyclopedias for Science, History and English)

    Today's Science    Cavendish Square    Gale Cengage Learning    ABC-Clio   EbscoHost

    Ask your student to share the username and password for these various resources. Information for passwords is located in your child's Google Drive in each of their classroom folders.


    Students are taught how to cite the resources they use for all academic classes using the MLA format. The purpose of citations is to have students be aware of resources' credibility, to give credit to the resource and authors they use to gather their information, and to support digital literacy.

    The library currently uses NoodleTools for the most common resources used in school research. NoodleTools shows exactly how to cite the source and how to format the various components of a citation. 

    For middle school students, NoodleTools is best for generating basic and junior level citations. Occasionally, students will need to cite works of art, journals, or podcasts, and the junior level will provide more information on how to cite using these formats. OWL is another perfect resource for directing students to what is needed for citing a variety of resources and for how to properly set up a formal Works Cited page. 

    Masco Million

    Masco Million is the Middle School's initiative involving our school's six teams working together to read 1,000,000 pages. We are using a horse race analogy. The horses will advance to the quarter mile (41,669 pages), 1/2 mile (83,338 pages), 3/4 mile (125,007 pages), and the finish line (166,676 pages) as each team reaches these goals. Teams may continue to enter pages even after they cross the finish line. 

    Each of the six teams is comprised of a mix of students and staff. Individuals are encouraged to submit their pages read as often as possible or when they finish a book, magazine article, or pages read in their textbooks. Students may enter their pages read on the library website under the Masco Million heading. The teams are set up by grade and team color. Teams may track their progress by checking the result board posted in the library window, and teachers and parents will receive a weekly update in the principal's newsletter.

    The goal this year is to beat the final page total of 1,052,527 pages set in 2017. There will be a school-wide celebration with the entire school at the end of the year if we make our reading goal of 1,000,000 pages.