Masco Middle School TV Morning News

  • To view our 9/11 announcement please click on this link.


    Click on the following link to view our weekly broadcast -> 



    If that link doesn't work, you can also view this week's announcements here on WeVideo:


    Teachers: On Monday's WIN Block: Please play the video of our broadcast for your students right after you take attendance, and before they start their WIN block.  

    You can do this by sharing this Chrome tab.  Don't forget to click the box to share audio.

    Thanks for supporting the members of our TV Studio Crew that worked so hard for this and every broadcast! 


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  • Click on the link to view the weekly broadcast
    Remote Learning Week 7: May 18-22 Broadcast

    Teachers: Period 1 (Monday 8:30-10:00) Please have your students watch this broadcast as part of your assignment. You either post the link on your Blackboard or stream it for your students by casting the tab with the video running. Don't forget to click the box to share audio.