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  • Masconomet Middle School is committed to supporting each student’s academic, physical, emotional, and social development as a young adolescent. Our students are actively engaged in their own learning and personal growth. Students are provided challenging opportunities that demonstrate and apply their abilities to be creative, think critically, work collaboratively, and exhibit positive character while interacting in a global and technology-centric society.

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  • Our Response to the Florida Tragedy

    Posted by Dorothy Flaherty on 2/15/2018 1:00:00 PM


    Dear Masco Parents and Families;

    We are having to think and respond far too many times to these types of incidents, and I know that each of you share the sadness and fear that emanates from the school shooting yesterday afternoon in Florida. My heart hurts for the families, students, and staff as they wake up this morning to deal with the aftermath of such a horrific tragedy. I want to inform you of our response at Masco Middle School today.


    Our students are still at an age that a routine day full of engagement is reassuring. Faculty know that counseling staff is available throughout the day if any student needs assistance or is worried.  We wanted a more personal approach than making an announcement over the TV first thing this morning. As such, when we have each grade together for lunches, we plan to hold a moment of silence and refresh what they learned earlier this year in their ALICE Training. Furthermore, we will reinforce that two most important things that students can do to aid in safety are to not open doors for anyone, even if it is someone they know, and to tell an adult if they see or hear anything that does not sound right or that concerns them.


    I have a heavy heart that our world has changed so dramatically that this level of security and safety planning must be part of our students’ daily reality!


    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.




    Dorothy A. Flaherty, Ed.D


    978-887-2323. ext. 6122

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