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  • Masconomet Middle School is committed to supporting each student’s academic, physical, emotional, and social development as a young adolescent. Our students are actively engaged in their own learning and personal growth. Students are provided challenging opportunities that demonstrate and apply their abilities to be creative, think critically, work collaboratively, and exhibit positive character while interacting in a global and technology-centric society.

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  • Africa Economic Conference

    Posted by James Dillon on 2/26/2020


    Seventh grade Social Studies students chose an African country to represent at a mock economic conference. Students then researched specific demographics and economics to identify five socioeconomic issues their country is facing. Next, they brainstormed ways to improve these five issues. Finally, students attempted to solve their country’s issues by importing and exporting goods at an economic conference. Students are constrained by their GDP Per Capita. Their economic development directly affects the money they have to solve issues. This authentic learning simulation encourages students to think of real ways to solve real-world socioeconomic problems that developing countries face.  

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