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  • The Middle School Library Media Center serves as the information and technology hub for the middle school community. The librarian teaches students to become competent researchers, global citizens, ethical users of information, and lifelong learners. Students learn the crucial and complex skills of locating and effectively using the best resources, thus embedding information literacy into all areas of the school curriculum. Within the library, the school community has access to two classroom computer labs, thousands of books, and several premiere online resources and ebooks, which students can also access from home.

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  • Sora

    Log-In to SORA here to access thousands of ebooks & audiobooks!

  • It’s time for Masco Madness! 

    Each week students will enter the number of pages they have read for school and any independent reading – books, handouts, online research,

    magazines, whatever. 

    Pages will be entered here: https://forms.gle/rreq14mb7wjyw8bQ8

    Your pages should be submitted each week by Friday at 2:00 p.m. The pages will then be totaled by team and there will be a weekly team champion.  

    The champion will also earn additional points towards their team’s weekly Masco Connect efforts!




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