School Counseling Programs

  • Throughout the year school, counseling programs will facilitate the transition, address social and academic demands, review the importance of organization and study skills, encourage responsibility for learning and promote self-advocacy.

    7th Grade Programs:

    • Orientation Day
    • Fall introductions
    • Organization/time management presentation
    • Small transition group meetings
    • Test preparation/test taking strategies
    • 6th grade parent orientation night
    • 6th grade student visit
    • Course selection/scheduling
    • Team meetings
    • Individual/small group meetings
    • Academic planning

    8th Grade Programs:

    • Learning How to Think curriculum in classrooms monthly
    • 8th Grade Parent’s Night
    • Essex Technical High School visit
    • Parent’s Course selection night
    • Small group course selection meetings/tours
    • High school scheduling
    • Team meetings
    • Individual/small group meeting
    • Academic planning