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  • The required books and assignments for Summer Reading are listed by class.

    Why do I have
    to read over 
    the summer?

    Students need to engage with books every day so they can maintain, and ideally strengthen, all the literacy skills they learned during the previous school year. Research shows that all students experience significant learning losses during the summer months – equal to approximately one month of instruction each year, depending on grade level, subject matter, and family income. The few months of loss in reading skills compounds over the years; by the time children reach middle school, those who haven't read during the summers may have lost as much as two years worth of achievement. Reading just five books over the summer can prevent learning loss. The Masconomet English Department wants to cultivate a love of reading, to build independent reading habits, and to expose students to quality literature they might not otherwise read. 

    Adapted from "Helping to Prevent Summer Reading Loss" by Julie M. Wood, Ed.D. 

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