May 13, 2022


    By Lee Cusack

      Masco students participated in a walkout Thursday to voice their support of abortion rights, and their support of people in states that would be affected by the potential supreme court ruling.

      In a leaked Supreme Court draft, it was revealed that five out of nine of the chief justices on the Supreme Court would be voting to overturn the case protecting abortion rights, Roe V. Wade, when the final draft of the vote is published.

      So, sophomore Shayna Fishman organized a walkout Thursday on the soccer field for Masco students to stand up for abortion rights. The walkout had the support of students as well as faculty.

      “I was [worried about school pushback],” said Fishman. “But luckily, when I reached out, they were very supportive and they let me take full control.”

      The walkout took place during the mask break time. During the event, students held signs they made with slogans such as “bans off my body” and a group of students gave speeches and shared stories from people affected by lack of abortion access. 

      “I love seeing empowered young people actively engaging in the civic process and becoming agents of change,” said history teacher Laura Greeley. “It shows that teens are listening and are ready to act on issues they are passionate about, and it gives me hope for the future.”

        Although abortion is legal up to 24 weeks in Massachusetts, 13 states in America have “trigger laws”, which are laws to immediately outlaw abortion in their state if Roe V. Wade is overturned, in place. Students at the walkout showed solidarity and spoke up for people who would be affected by these “trigger laws.”

      “It’s important to show solidarity with the rest of the country and take a stand against a Supreme Court that’s trying to overturn what should be considered a universal liberty,” said junior Sara Tocci. “Even if we may not be affected by the ban, letting legislators know where the people stand on this issue is vital."

      Students in the crowd consisted of different high school grade levels with the same belief in the fundamental right to choose uniting them.

      “It’s so important to do [demonstrations] like this, because no one will listen to us unless we actually do something,” said freshman Drew Hargraves.

      Despite the controversy about the topic of abortion, and the relatively short notice of the walkout, a large crowd of students gathered at the soccer field when the time came. There were about enough students to cover ¾ of one of the soccer fields. 

      “We are lucky to have a lot of people here at Masco with a strong sense of justice and a willingness to speak up in the face of injustice,” said Tocci. “I hope that for the people who had reservations about the walkout, or weren’t sure where they stood, that the demonstration and the incredible speakers got through to them and showed why bodily autonomy is worth fighting for.”

      Students at Masco have taken the lead when it comes to speaking up for what they believe in, and as the political climate changes over time, students and faculty at Masco will continue to stand up for change.




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