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  • Honors Engineering & Arduino Microcontrollers

    Posted by Peter Delani on 1/16/2020 10:30:00 AM

    Kurtz   Kurtz2   Kurtz3

    This semester the Honors Engineering course has been learning how to use Arduino microcontrollers.  Arduinos combine electronics with computer programming.  The class began with an introduction to programming using Java, and then added simple electronics like LED’s and resistors.  They then added sensors and actuators, including variable resistors, range finders, motors, servos and wireless transmitters and receivers. 

    The capstone required students to work in groups to make spooky-themed Arduino projects that were user-interactive.  The projects had to use multiple sensors and actuators, and respond to user input.  Students displayed their projects in the Fish Bowl for visitors.  One project played an audio file when a doorbell was pressed, another made LEDs, in the eye sockets of a skeleton, blink when you breathed on a sensor. Another project had a radio-controlled teddy bear robot that drove around the room blinking lights and playing sounds.

    The materials used in the course, including Arduinos, sensors, wiring and rechargeable batteries, were all paid for by MEF (Masconomet Educational Foundation) grants.


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  • Class Officers at Ronald McDonald House

    Posted by Peter Delani on 1/10/2020 2:45:00 PM


    Some of the Masconomet Senior and Sophomore Class Officers (pictured left to right) Ashley Fitzgerald, Charles McGinley, Brennan Gerspach, Orla Gauvain, and Lily Conway volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House on Tuesday, January 7th.  The students and their Class Advisors, Christina Brouillard and Jillian Fudge, made a Mexican Style dinner and spent time with the children and families staying at the Ronald McDonald House

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  • 2019-2020 First Semester Final Exams

    Posted by Marcia KiIgallen on 1/2/2020 3:30:00 PM

    The first semester final exams are coming up in a few weeks. 

    Please see the schedule and information regarding the exams, below.




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  • Festival of Lights

    Posted by Peter Delani on 1/2/2020 9:15:00 AM

    Mrs. Evans' Innovative Product Design students were presented with the challenge to design and build a pendant light.   They used repetition of shapes to develop and drive their designs, creating a Festival of Lights in their art room.

    1     2   3   4    5  6


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  • DECA District Conference

    Posted by Peter Delani on 12/20/2019 10:00:00 AM


    On December 19th, the Masconomet DECA team, under the direction of teachers Jen Richard, Bryan Duplissie and Mark Verry competed at the DECA District Conference at Merrimack College.  63 DECA members placed in the top 7 of their role play or written category and have qualified to represent Masco at the DECA State Conference in Boston in February.  At the State Conference, students will have the opportunity to earn their spot to represent Masco at the DECA International Career Development Conference in Nashville, Tennessee  in April. 

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  • Peer Leaders Make Breakfast for Dinner for Ronald McDonald House Families

    Posted by Peter Delani on 12/16/2019 6:00:00 AM

    The Peer Leaders and their advisors Ms. Almeida and Mr. Batcheller made "Breakfast for Dinner" Friday Night for families staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Charlestown.  Their efforts are part of Maconomet High School's year long quest to answer the question "What can a community do?".RMH1 R

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    Posted by Peter Delani on 12/11/2019 10:00:00 AM

    The Masco Chorale Singers, under the direction of Mr. Brian O’cock led Holiday Carolling at the Ronald McDonald House in Charlestown, Navy Yard.  Their efforts are part of a year long relationship between Masconomet High School and the Ronald McDonald House and Masco's quest to answer the question: What can a community do?


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  • Granite Telecommunications Visit

    Posted by Peter Delani on 12/10/2019 11:10:00 AM

    On Thursday, December 5th, Granite Telecommunications spoke to 180 DECA students in preparation for their district competition on December 19th at Merrimack College.  Mark Cameron, a national relationship manager, brought a team of 7 to present to the DECA members on emotional intelligence, grit, goals, and succeeding at their district competition. One presenter was a former DECA member in high school who started the DECA club at his college. He shared some of his personal experiences.  Students went into breakout sessions at the conclusion of the presentation to work on their role plays and act as judges. 







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  • Quarter 1 Honor Roll

    Posted by Peter Delani on 12/5/2019 1:55:00 PM


    The following students are acknowledged for their hard work and dedication by being named to the Quarter 1 Honor Roll. Congratulations to all!


    Grade 12

    High Honor Roll

    Matthew Adams, Brooke Baptista, Jessica Bermudez, Isabella Bobadilla, Morgan Brooke, Shawn Callahan, Micayla Cameron, Lydia Capillo, Margaret Chiffer, Aidan Colbert, Annabelle Collins, Michaela Dillon, Ward Doornbos, Ryenne Feeney, Caroline Folsom, Orla Gauvain, Brennan Gerspach, Joshua Gould, Nathaniel Hubley, Katherine Johnston, Anna Juliano, Cassandra Karcher, Charlotte Kelly, Marshall Lastes, Sarah Mahoney, Jared McKenna, Seyed Ali Mojtabaei Soleimani, Isabella Oliveira, Abigail Ouellette, Alexander Pantoliano, John Pedersen, Kaitlyn Putney, Julia Saxonis, Kiley Saxonis, Kylie Scalli, Nicole Sheehan, Chloe Springer, Alice Strangman, Matthew Svenson, Peter Swenson, Sadaf Tokhi, Kajsa Wingerup, Max Zeltsar


    Honor Roll


    Daria Adamczyk, Khayyam Alam, Elizabeth Bagshaw, Christopher Blanchard, Caitlin Bolzan, Nicole Bonacorso, Sean Bonefant, Mario Boozang, Abigail Boyle, Daniel Bresnahan, Jackson Bridge, Lily Bruce, Sarah Buckley, Ainsley Burns, Charlotte Buswick, Brigid Butler, Luke Callahan, Colby Calnan, Gianna Castellarin, Jonathan Caulfield, Luke Chadwick, Henry Ciaccio, Sophie Cohen, Connor Cox, Armando Cresta, Thomas Cross, Mikayla Cusack, Peyton Defeo, Hunter DeGeorge, Emma DeMayo, Caroline DeSouza, Calvin Dickinson, Brian Dillon, Katherine Downs, Kaitlyn Dumont, Claudia Fennell, Kyra Flak, Abigail Flinn, Jonah Frangiosa, Tara Gallagher, Alana Gerry, Camryn Gerspach, Nicholas Giatrelis, Jack Gilmore, Chloe Grande, William Graves, Daniel Groysman, Andrew Hansen, Stephen Hansen, Tucker Hanson, Joseph Howe, Connor Hubbard, William Hunter, Ava Ikels, Anas Ishtaiwi, Matheos Kartsounis, Matthew Kosta, Sophie Lane, Avery Langone, Maria Lantzakis, Leann LeBlanc, Lucas Leon, Margaret Low, Wesley MacMillan, Erin Mahoney, Kaitlin Malmquist, Nikolay Marshall, William Martin, Olivia McCarthy, Caroline McCormick, Robert McKersie, Caroline McLellan, Abigail McMahon, Nakshatra Menon, Julia Miller, Justin Mochi, Keira Moon, Henry Mulholland, Rheanna Murray, Madison Oakes, Angelina Oliveira, Antonio Oliveira, Hayden Ovanes, Michael Paikos, Caroline Paine, Analisa Palla, Charles Palminteri, Vansh Patel, Robert Peachey, Nathan Pedersen, Christine Pepper, Nikki Perry, Madelyn Peterson, Rowan Philpott, Anthony Piacentini, Saranya Plante, Lindsay Porter, Kayla Powell, Abigail Pridham, Kristina Prinzivalli, Peyton Ralph, Stefanie Reineke, Keilan Romito, Ana Rusha, Samantha Ryan, Ashley Santangelo, Noah Scherbak, Yara Serhan, Alexander Shirley, Mia Sico-McNulty, Victoria Simas, Haley Stark, Wesley Stoops, Alexander Strunk, Jacqueline Tanner, Rebecca Toomey, Rebecca Trevenen, Eva Tveter, Jessica Verruso, Gabrielle Wayland, Thomas Wudyka


    Grade 11

    High Honor Roll

    Sydney Ambrosina, Katie Bernard, Gillian Brown, Trent Bunker, Justin Crosby, Madeline Demers, Erika Ding, Katerina Done, Marion Duval, Andrew Gallagher, Alice Gould, Maria Koutoulas, Duncan Michaud, Ainsley Novack, Halle Scully


    Honor Roll


    Jacqueline Arkins, Sarah Aylwin, Victoria Barbosa, Malaika Basame, Kevin Becker, Stella Benedetto, Michael Bergeron, Grace Bernheart, Neve Bettencourt, Samantha Bezanson, Tara Bhatt, Uma Bhuju, Abigail Bonasera, Christopher Brewer, Lucas Canelli, Alicia Chhung, Alyssa Colannino, Cameron Colannino, Payton Coleman, Abigail Conant, Andrew Cooper, Rachel Costigan, Ethan Cote, Trevor Currier, Colton Davis, Parker Defeo, Colby DeGeorge, Samantha DeMarco, Brooke Donahue, Joseph Dox, Olivia Dunham, Jack Elwood, Olivia Filmore, Ashley Finocchiaro, Kayla Finocchiaro, Jennifer Forde, Patrick Gallagher, Zofia Galuszewski, Ella Gharabegian, Vanessa Gil, Alex Gillespie, Sebastian Gilligan, Kyra Gregorio, Eleanor Grigg Schoenberg, Ashley Hamson, Lauren Hanson, Sullivan Hendrix, Zephyr Hendrix, Emma Hudson, Jason Hurford, Joshua Imbornone, Morgan Johnson, Alexandra Karafotias, Ryan Kirchner, Hadyn Kornusky, Nora Kosakowski, Nils Kovamees, Tory Kozak, Ava Jane Laroche, Erica Lee, Jason Lee, Brenna Leiss, Charlotte Losee, Jacob Mair, Catherine Malatesta, Olivia Marotta, Jennifer Martin, Jack McCall, Alexa McCarthy, Sophie McNally, Gianna Medolo, Nicole Messih, William Mitchell, Abigail Moisan, Nina Morris, Gracy Mowers, Sean Moynihan, Stephen Nalesnik, William Neuenhaus, Peter Noci, Sarah Jane O'Connor, Karleigh Odiet, Lorenzo Oliveira, Bianca Paiva, Madisyn Palmquist, Julianna Pascuccio, Kyle Peacock, Vanessa Powers, Madelyn Puglisi, Liam Quinlan, Jacob Rabold, Nowrita Rahman, Sara Rave, Sarah Reblin, Eliza Reimold, Caroline Richards, Paige Richardson, Charles Roach, Max Rosenbaum, Margaret Ruth, Olivia Scott, Jessica Serafino, Caitlyn Steen, Cooper Swanson, Chloe Teller, Chanasak Thaiprayoon, Alex Theriault, Sabrina Tirrusa, Chloe Tozier, Henry Troake, Sophia Varinos, Andrea Walker, Carter Wallace, Matthew Walsh, Celia Xie, Sophia Zajic, Kate Zamagni, Aaron Zenus


    Grade 10

    High Honor Roll


    Abraham Adelman, Karla Bamberger, Maria Belhous, Liza Brockelman, Kenzie Burns, Alexa Calabrese, Lauren Calabrese, Ian Darling, Nolan Dickinson, Brennan Donnelly, Maya Evans, Kathryn Gatewood, Liam Gillespie, Sarah Green, Andreas Kartsounis, Tia Landry, Katherine Love, Caitlin McNulty, Sarah McVey, Ana Popescu, Bennett Porter, Chase Quigley, Arianna Russo, Lara Serhan, Erik Sibbach, Riley Trodden, Daniel Villarreal-Reyes, Tracy Weener, Gabrielle Wheeler, Emily Winslow, Krystal Zepaj

    Honor Roll


    Anthony Achille, Tea' Alley, Matthew Aronson, Alana Bader, Camelia Bader, Daniela Bader, Allison Baker, Colin Bakunas, Bailey Baptista, Eva Barraclough, Abigail Baxter, Jacqueline Bazazi, Abigail Beardsley, Caroline Belanger, Camden Bene, Simon Berents, Skyla Bernstein, Molly Beucler, Lena Boldi, Joshua Brann, Samuel Brockelman, Isabel Bruce, Maria Buhaescu, Ciera Buonopane, Lindsey Byman, Katelyn Caffrey, Cassius Campanella, Corin Canada-Hunt, Hayden Canada-Hunt, Margaret Caron, Ava Cavallaro, Grace Ciaccio, Isabella Clark-Alderman, John Cobak, Benjamin Cohen, Lily Conway, Jeff Cooper, Aaron Cote, Olivia Crispo, Faith Dalton, Michael Dana, Perl Defeo, Ashley Delpero, Jessica Delucia, William Dempsey, Benjamin Dillon, Jessica Ding, Amanda Donabedian, Fleur Doornbos, Carolyn Downing, Lindsey Farrell, Sam Ferrigno, Lily Fishman, Jack Flinn, Adam Foster, Ella Galuszewski, Aidan Gauvain, Nikolai Germatsky, Daniella Gillespie, Emma Giunta, Alexander Golovchenko, Anna Gomes, Benjamin Goodwin, Ethan Gregory, Ainsley Gruener, Richard Guarino, Oliver Hanson, Nathan Hart, Alexandra Hill, Zachary Hirshon, Victoria Hoerauf, Margaret Hook, Drew Howard, Alessandra Ivey, Eva Jeppesen, Chengzhang Jiang, Brennen Johnston, Lilianna Kacandes, Natalie Kalman, Jesse Kershaw, Alexander Kessel, Darian Kim, Alex Kopko, Adam Kostos, Ella Licata, Kiera Lord, Chenghuan Luo, Karina Malachowski, Samuel McCall, Connor McCarthy, Sloane McLean, Silas McLellan, Matthew McMillan, Nicholas McMillan, Pascale Moon, Eva Muller, Jasmine Nguyen, Eoin O'Brien, Gabrielle O'Connell, Owen O'Keeffe, Cecily Paglierani, Jeffrey Pappalardo, Karina Patel, Abigail Peirce, Ava Pelletier, Jonathan Penafiel, Katelyn Petersen, Lauren Pridham, Emma Quirk, Colin Randall, Jack Randall, Stephen Ray, Brandon Read, Colton Rubbicco, Jaclyn Ryan, Nicholas Santangelo, Andrew Saumsiegle, Brooke Saumsiegle, Carissa Scannell, William Scheirey, Nicholas Schoenfeld, Angela Shanahan, Noah Shaw, Ciara Smith, Richard Sorenson, Madelyn Spinetti, Logan Spurr, Anna Storm, Leonel Strangman, Susana Stutz, Ashwin Subbu, Sofia Tas-Castro, Jessica Tocci, Samantha Tremblay, Olivia Vaz, Arianna Vieira, Shae Votano, Nickolas Vozzella, Jaime Webber, Olivia White, Alexandra Woodland, Gabriella Woodland, Simon Xie, Andrew Yanofsky, Barri Yanofsky, Ada Yu, Mackenzie Zeeh


    Grade 9

    High Honor Roll

    Ava Beringer, Sarah Bernier, Madeline Blanchette, Fiona Bolzan, Victoria Costa, Lauren Downs, James Gomatos, Amber Goudreau, Isabella Juliano, Logan Keune, Madison LeColst, Haofeng Liu, Elsa Mersha, Andrew Mitchell, Emma Morneweck, Paige Panagos, Eleanor Posanka, Ethan Quach, Kai Roberto, Malia Robinson, Jacob Shirley, Shreya Subbu, Matthew Theriault, Sarah Toomey, Michael Tran, Christina Tsetsakoy, Evan Zeltsar


    Honor Roll


    Avery Allen, Sophia Ambrosina, Brooke Amyouny, Eleni Apostolopoulos, Yasmine Bader, Drew Bartram, Vanessa-Bebe Basame, Brendan Bazazi, Allison Bellardino, Michael Berrigan, Taylor Bovardi, Awad Buisir, Taylor Carmody, Ava Caron, David Causey, Jessica Chadwick, Emerson Clark, Max Conley, Katherine Coogan, Katelyn Coughlin, Baden Cox, Alexa D'Amato, Serena Daaboul, Pearce Deal, Jacob DeCarlen-Bumiller, Sofia DeFilippis, Angelina DeIulis, Anish Deshpande, Bode Devellian, Ashley DiBella, Michelina Doherty, Alicia Donato, Kayla Donato, Grady Drake, Kylie DuMont, Christian Emig, Margaret English, Quinn Gardner, Riley Gilmore, Julien Gonzalez-Palavicini, Anna Halilaj, Justin Harlor, Sophia Huang, Scott Hubbard, Michaela Hutt, Matthew Jones, Lillian Kearney, Luke Kelly, Emaline King, Konstantinos Koutoulas, Lars Kovamees, Molly Lane, Vanessa Latam, Sophie LeMay, Mya Leonforte, Quinn Linnehan, Brandon Maiuri, Madison Maiuri, Sarah Majeski, Isabella Marques, Abdullah Merhi, William Mitchell, Kaleigh Monagle, Shaylee Moreno, Tyler Morrill, Piper Morris, Greta Mowers, Lauren Mugge, Anna Nahlik, Natalie Nolan, Braeden O'Connell, Julia Palmer, Colin Panagos, Dutt Patel, Madeleine Payne, Christina Pearl, Julia Penafiel, Isabella Quealy, Steven Ralph, Raquel Rave, Elton Rines, Erik Ringenwald, Dawson Romito, Michael Rossi, Jordan Santangelo, Olivia Saxonis, Spencer Schaap, Christian Shaffer, Brooke Silvano, Kendall Skulley, Grace Spinetti, Collin Spiro, Jones Stalker, Sean Stevens, Jared Stromski, Maguire Sturgis, Jonah Sulzinsky, Dylan Tappendorf, Tess Thattacherry, Connor Thompson, Sara Tocci, Shaye Trodden, Benjamin Trolander, Jessica Villarreal-Reyes, Daniel Voner, Tyler Walke, Madeline Wayland, Hudson Weidman, James Whitman, Molly Wogan, Meagan Yoh


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  • Swim & Dive Team Volunteering

    Posted by Peter Delani on 11/25/2019 12:05:00 PM

    Masco's Swim and Dive Team was in Lawrence on Saturday morning at the Greater Lawrence Health Center working in the mobile market. The Greater Boston Food Bank trucked several pallets of fruits and vegetables up to Lawrence. The students broke down, organized, bagged, and then distributed the produce to over 500 needy families. It was a great experience for Coach Hanchett and the Swim and Dive Team.




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