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    Posted by Peter Delani on 10/16/2018 11:00:00 AM

    F1 F2

    During their visit to Masco, French exchange students and their teachers met with Michelle Siden's Media Communications/Journalism students where they conducted interviews on topics like food, trends, sports/leisure activities and schooling.  Journalism students chose a topic of interest and created interview questions in advance. Then, they posted their topics around the room and each French student rotated around to the journalists throughout the hour.

    The interviews were a great learning experience for both the Masco students and the French students. Masco students practiced their interviewing skills, from listening carefully to creating follow up questions on the spot, and the French students practiced their English and got to share interesting things about their lives at home and how they compare to life here. The kids were shaking hands with one another, laughing together and learning from each other. Then, some of the French students even tried out their broadcasting skills in the TV studio!

    Interviews will be featured in the Chieftain Chronicle page of the Tri-Town Transcript in coming weeks, and the Morning Update will also run video highlights of their visit next week. The show streams daily at

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  • Student Council Hosts Spike Ball Tourney

    Posted by Peter Delani on 10/12/2018 8:00:00 AM


    On Tuesday evening, over thirty teams of Masconomet students participated in the inaugural Student Council spike ball tournament as part of the Spirit Week festivities. Despite the fierce competition, students had an awesome time. Ultimately it was a winner take all competition and seniors Jack Darling and Jordan Esperon were victorious.

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    Posted by Peter Delani on 10/12/2018 7:00:00 AM


    On Wednesday evening, high school students from each class participated in a hall decorating competition as part of Spirit Week. The theme this year was the seasons with the seniors representing winter, juniors representing fall, sophomores representing summer and the freshmen representing spring. It was a great evening of fun for the students to come together as a class and decorate their respective hallways.

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  • Middleton Turkey Trot

    Posted by Marcia Kilgallen on 10/10/2018

    The net proceeds of the first Middleton Turkey Trot will go to the Middleton Food Pantry. 

    Registration is now open here:

    Turkey Trot

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  • AP Government & AP US History Go To The JFK Libary

    Posted by Peter Delani on 10/5/2018 11:00:00 AM

    Students enrolled in AP US Government and Politics and AP US History were invited to participate in a 2018 Elections debate program at the JFK Library on October 5th. Students took part in small group discussions about current political issues with peers from area schools and observed a simulated debate between representatives for Charlie Baker and Jay Gonzalez.


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  • Freshmen to Walk for The Greater Lawrence Disaster Relief Fund

    Posted by Peter Delani on 10/4/2018 10:00:00 AM

    Frosh Walk

    Last Friday, September 28, 2018, the Peer Leaders ran the Freshman Walk Assembly. The Freshman Walk is a Masconomet tradition where the Freshman walk 6 miles and fundraise for an important cause. This year, we are walking for a cause that is right in our backyard: The Essex County Community Foundation with a focus on The Greater Lawrence Disaster Relief Fund. Many of our students know someone that has been affected by the tragic gas explosions last month, and those families are still struggling. Every dollar that the Freshman and Peer Leaders raise is going to go directly to the families in need. Seniors Bri Kelly, Tim Volchok, and Matt Gillespie, our captains, hosted the assembly, talking about the tradition of the Freshman Walk and reminiscing about their experiences. Mr. Jon Payson from the Essex County Community Foundation came to speak to our students about the importance of what we are doing and helping our neighbors and how this fundraiser is directly linked to our core values. Miss Carolyn Hanson, Peer Leader and Student Council President, and Miss Molly Bampos, Peer Leader, also spoke to our students about how the tragedy has affected them and their families. It was a powerful assembly that led to meaningful conversation within the peer groups. Peer Leaders were able to get to understand how the freshmen were affected by this tragedy, discuss the importance of why we chose to work with ECCF, brainstorm ideas for fundraising, and come together to raise money for this important cause. This is a bonding experience for the Peer Leaders and the Class of 2022 that they will never forget.

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  • Masco Welcomes Chinese Exchange Students from Shanghai

    Posted by Peter Delani on 10/4/2018 6:00:00 AM

    Masconomet Foreign Language Teacher Ai Li and her Masco Chinese Students welcomed guests from Shanghai.  Ms. Li shares the below with us.

    China1 China2 China3

    On the evening of September 27, a tour bus pulled up in front of Masco High School. Thirteen Chinese students and two of their teachers stepped out of the bus; they were received by warm smiles and exciting cheers from the thirteen families whose children are in the Masco Chinese program. For the following six days, their homes would become the home away from home for the 13 Chinese students.   The group was from Shanghai Pudong High School, China, the host school for Masco students during the China exchange trip in April 2018. The Masco group was the first big group that the school had ever hosted for as long as a week.  Masco students had such a good rapport with the host families and the school that their principal decided right then he would send a group of their students over to visit Masco. It would be the very first group the school sent overseas for exchange study. 


     Their visit had been long anticipated. It was the first group Masco has received for Chinese Exchange program. The students in the Masco Chinese classes had been anxious to meet and talk to their Chinese-speaking counterparts. The Masco hosts had already become acquainted with their Chinese guests via WeChat; those who had befriended each other during Masco's visit to Shanghai were excited to reunite with their friends in the US.

     From the city of Shanghai, the Chinese visitors are accustomed to city life. During their stay, they experienced the typical American suburban life and encountered many cultural elements unique to the U.S.  They went to Topsfield Fair and were awed by the giant pumpkin; they went apple picking and handled bees. They tasted the infamous turkey thighs at King Richard's Fair and watched a Boston Celtics basketball game in the TD Garden. They shopped for their favorite American brand shoes and enjoyed burgers ,pizzas, and sandwiches that are very different from the ones back home. At the bonfire party hosted by the Chinese club, the Chinese students learned the American childhood games of hide-and-seek and tag.

     More importantly, the Chinese students immersed themselves in Masco classes, sharing their viewpoints from different perspectives and experiences. While in Chinese classes, not only did they renew the Masco students' passion for the language but also expanded their interest and understanding of the Chinese culture. The students from both schools exchanged their own school experiences and both were inquisitive and intrigued. Besides the differences, the students found they shared even more in common in terms of their hobbies, school life, and world view in general. It is an invaluable experience for all involved and it will help to broaden their perspectives of the world for years to come.

    China4 China5


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  • Woodshop 1 & Architecture Students Create Masterpieces!

    Posted by Peter Delani on 9/28/2018 6:00:00 AM


    Congrats to the stdudents of Woodshop1 & Architecture and their teacher Brian Dow.  Mr. Dow writes:

    The students of Woodshop 1 and Architecture are currently showcasing some of their work in the front lobby of the high school. The famous ‘Shaker Table’ often seen on ‘This Old House’, has been a staple of the first-year woodshop program for many years here at Masconomet. These pieces are wonderful examples of the craftsmanship of the students who created them.

    The Shaker tables also create a fine support for showcasing the final project of Masco’s Architecture class. The unique building design passed through several versions, from paper models, to CAD renderings and lastly to this wood mock-up. The detail and craftsmanship, which this class put into their projects are evident.

    Come check out their work in the front lobby.

    The display will be up for about 2 weeks. 

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  • Designed by Masco students, these are no ordinary wedding dresses

    Posted by Peter Delani on 9/21/2018 7:00:00 AM

    Wedding Dresses

    Every time I visit Masconomet, I am overwhelmed by the wonderful artwork on display there. Last year, for instance, I had the pleasure of seeing portraits the students had created. Every single one was uniquely designed, made great use of color and lines, and captured an expression. You couldn’t look at them and not wonder what the students were thinking at the time.

    When I stopped in the other day to check in with Superintendent Kevin Lyons and High School Principal Peter Delani about what’s new this year, the portraits still adorned the walls. But, there were also several wedding dresses on display. They were absolutely beautiful. Then, I found out they were created with nontraditional materials, like coffee filters, for example. One had roses fashioned out of gauze. How cool is that?

    Afterwards, I emailed the teacher, Elizabeth Saitta, who oversaw the project in her Fashion Design I class last semester (Spring 2018).

    “Students were asked to create a wedding dress out of unconventional materials,” she said via email. “Students used materials such as: paper, ribbon, cheesecloth, tarlatan, beads, string, etc. They experimented with the materials first to see what they could do and then created a dress that communicated who they were as a designer.”

    The dresses, which were originally displayed all together in the lobby last June, were created by Meena Jay, Serena Jeffreys, Bella Kacandes, Cassie Karcher, Lily Elwood and Nicole Hutter. It was clear that each brought her own style to bear in her creation.

    Now, I know pretty much nothing about fashion. If you’ve seen me out and about in town, you’ll agree. What I can say with confidence, however, is that these dresses are stunning. And, I love it that they’re made with common materials. It shows just how talented these students are.

    While it’s highly unlikely at this point in my life, if I were ever to be married, I would want these students to design my dress. Size 12, please. And, can I have it in a warm tomato red?

    Wendall Waters is an Ipswich resident and the multi-media journalist for the Tri-Town Transcript.

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  • MASCO ACTIVITY FAIR: All About Getting Involved!

    Posted by Peter Delani on 9/17/2018 6:00:00 AM

    The 2018-2019 Activity Fair was a great way to show the Freshmen all of the clubs and sports that Masconomet has to offer. We started the day with the Peer Leaders sharing their personal testimonials about successes and failures, putting themselves out there and trying something new, and how important it is to get involved! The students were able to see that at Masconomet, students push the boundaries. Here, it is welcomed that students who are on the Football team are also the Drum Major in band, that a Track athlete is also in the school play, that you can be a member of Women and Gender Studies, GSA, Model UN, DECA, Photography Club and be on the Soccer Team. Our students LOVE to be involved, and they radiate their school pride in everything that they do, which was evident at the Activity Fair. Students and Peer Leaders represented these clubs and sports with tri-folds, handouts and games, showcasing which makes each club or sport unique and fun! The Peer Leaders could not believe how many freshmen signups they had this year, the Ultimate Frisbee team exclaiming that the interest list DOUBLED from last year! It seems as though the freshmen are eager to get involved and have quickly made themselves an important piece of our school community. We would call that a success!.   Jenna Almeida, English Teacher, Peer Leader Advisor, Masconomet Regional High School

    Activity Fair 1 Activity Fair 2

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