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 By Lee Cusack

Alternative rock band My Chemical Romance has released a new song for the first time in 8 years since the release of their single “Fake Your Death” in 2014. 

  On May 12, My Chemical Romance released their newest single, “The Foundations of Decay” with no prior announcement or hints, a bold move for a band that had broken up in 2013. Nobody was expecting new music from the band 9 years later, but what they were given is arguably the best single released by the band.

  “The Foundations of Decay” is a 6-minute single which outlines the story of a man reflecting on his life, which also serves as a reflection of the story of the band. The lyrics mention the fall of the Twin Towers on 9/11, and how the protagonist of the song witnessed it, which set off the story followed by the song. Lead singer of the band, Gerard Way, spoke at Comic Con in 2013 about how he had witnessed the event while on a ferry, and how it motivated him to create the band. 

  The lyrics mirroring the band’s story leave an impression on the listener that they are hearing all of the emotions that went into the music they have enjoyed before the release of the single, forming an emotional connection with the listener. The lyrics not only give an emotional meaning to the song, but cause the listener to relisten and rethink about the other songs released by the band that cover similar topics of death, such as “Helena”, “Cancer”, “Dead!”, and many others.

  The musical composition of the song has a dark and somber tone, which complements the theme of death and decay in the lyrics. The drums follow a mostly simple pattern, giving a dark and heavy atmosphere to the song.  The vocals in the verses are filtered and slightly muffled as if the listener was listening to the song through a slightly staticky radio. The song itself begins and ends with a small amount of static noise, giving the impression that the song, and the band, is old and corroded and decaying.

  The lyrics and the musical composition together make a transcendent and emotional experience for the listener, and shows them that though it has been 8 years since their latest song, My Chemical Romance has not lost their edge and has not forgotten their roots. The experience shows old listeners that past issues and events can continue to affect people years after they happen, and it shows new listeners that they are not alone, and that other people have made it through what they’re going through. 

  “The Foundations of Decay” started off as number 17 on the “Hot Hard Rock Songs” billboard chart, but quickly climbed up to the number 1 spot as more and more people discovered the song. Its success is well deserved, it is a song about how difficult times never really go away, released during a difficult time with people looking for a message like the one presented in the song.

  “The Foundations of Decay” is a strong song to mark the reunion of My Chemical Romance and their reunion tour. The song is sure to appeal to anyone who enjoys emo or alternative music, and is a must-listen for any present or previous My Chemical Romance fans.