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 By Kyle Trull

 Cody Yeomans, a boat captain and excellent skier, has a pretty unique resume for a seventeen-year-old.  

 When growing up, his first love was snowboarding.

   “Since I was about five, my parents got a ski house in Vermont and we would go up every week,” said Yeomans. “I remember the first time I ever went to the mountain, I was a little scared at first but I loved the exciting feeling of learning something new.” 

  It was the first activity that he put all of his time and effort into and all of his hard work paid off. 

  “At the peak of snowboarding I was twenty third at half pipe for my age. It was really cool,” said Yeomans. 

  Yeomans was finally seeing the results of all of his hard work paying off. But tragedy was soon around the corner. 

  “I loved snowboarding but I kept on getting hurt. I broke many bones and got injured 15 times,” he said. “I had to realize it wasn’t worth getting hurt.”

 While he had to stop snowboarding, this gave him time to focus on other activities.

  Yeomans knew he wanted to do something involving nature and the outdoors. 

  “I took my first steps on a boat and wanted to get back on it. My dad finally knew it was the chance to teach me about boats,” said Yeomans. “I had always been around boats but it is really different from working on one. I think it is more enjoyable knowing how things work and being a professional in your field.” 

  He and his father work on the boat during the school year while taking people on the boat for fishing and enjoying the New England boat life during the summer. 

“People think that it is not a very profitable business, but for me and my dad, we have been doing pretty well,” he said. 

 After falling in love with boats and the sea, Yeomans began to make plans to go to college to pursue something in that field. 

 “I want to go to Maine Maritime Academy after high school. I don’t really know the specifics of what I want to do, but I know I want to work with the ocean and nature,”  he said.  

  In addition,Yeomans is also a car fanatic.

  “The first time I knew that I loved cars was when my friend got one and we would just drive in it a lot. He would always get new parts for it and it sparked my interest,” said Yeomans. 

  While the boat takes up most of his time, Yeomans thinks working on cars is more of a hobby for him, not a career. 

  “I am able to work and fix cars but I usually just like to deck out my car for the most part. I save some of my money while some always goes to my car,” he said. 

  He has always loved the outdoors and being out in nature. Having found his passion at such a young age is a gift and is something most kids have not figured out. Yeomans has an interesting story as well as a promising future.

Kyle Trull