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A REVIEW By Sophie LeMay

Stranger Things season 4 has been released and it is a whole different experience. The new episodes include a much creepier tone and heart pumping moments. 

  The long three year wait for the fourth season of Stranger Things built up a lot of anticipation for the new episodes. My expectations for it have been growing as the months and years have gone by. However, the wait is now over, and part one of Stranger Things 4 has been released.

  The series is issued in parts. Part One was released on May 27, and part two is coming out on July 1. I actually really like how the producers decide to do this. As an avid binge watcher, if the whole season were to come out on one night I would have watched it all by the morning. This way however, forces me to wait to see the finale and drags on the excitement a little bit longer. 

  Starting out in the first episode we are introduced to various new characters. Chrissy Cunningham makes her debut as the first death of the season, and a shockingly gruesome one within the premier episode. 

  Joining her is new character, Eddie Munsen, as a strange and freaky teen who has yet to graduate from Hawkins High. He is the leader of the Hellfire Club which is the Dungeons and Dragons club that the main four boys are a part of. 

  I, along with many other viewers that I’ve spoken to, sensed some sort of connection between Chrissy and Eddie in the first episode. It was the classic high school freak and lead cheerleader match-up. I thought the duo was going to lead somewhere, but that prediction quickly ended with Chrissy’s character being killed-off early.

  One other primary new character is Argyle, who has a funny and easily lovable personality. Argyle is Jonathan Byers’ hippie-type friend. He becomes wrapped up in the gang's antics and adds a comedic aspect to the serious situations.

  One thing I really like about the new season is the longer episodes. I felt as though the producers owed it to the audience to make longer content considering the three year long wait. Episodes vary from an hour to an hour and 40 minutes. This makes each episode basically a movie on its own.

  Each season leading up to this one has been filled with creepy and somewhat scary moments, but nothing compared to what the new episodes contain. I did not expect the amount of gore and disturbing scenes that it would have. I thought that because the last time I watched the show I was around 14, it would not be very scary to me, but the producers have increased the level of spine-chilling parts. When the characters start floating, crashing into ceilings, and snapping every bone, it is sometimes hard to not look away.

  Overall I absolutely loved volume one of the fourth season and I cannot wait for July 1st when the second volume is released.