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By Hannah McMillan 

  Enola Holmes 2 hit Netflix on November 4 and has been investigating the top charts ever since then, leaving no clues of stopping. 

  Fans were thrilled to hear that the sequel to the beloved Enola Holmes movie was confirmed for a second film in May 2021.The first Enola Holmes stars Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavil. 

  Brown plays Enola Holmes, the sister of renowned detective Sherlock Holmes, played by Cavill. When their mother goes missing, it is up to Enola to solve the case. Enola gets on a train to find her mother, while running away from her brothers, who are trying to put her in boarding school. During her travels, she meets Viscount Tewksbury of Basilwether who is also running away from home. The two grow fond of each other and it is up to them to solve the mysteries in front of them. 

  The second film follows the trio of Enola, Tewksbury, and Sherlock, as they try to figure out the mystery of a missing factory worker and the deaths of multitudes of matchgirls. This mystery surrounds a historical event in England that spurred reform in the factory industry. 

  The film has already charted Netflix’s top 10 films and has held the number 1 spot for many consecutive days. Many fans have voiced their love for the movie. 

    “My daughter loves it,” said Physics teacher Christopher Love. 

 As Enola untangles the mystery, she breaks the fourth wall, constantly making eye contact with the camera. This touch grabs the audience and brings them along for the ride. Enola has been able to captivate audiences of various age groups. 

    “I really enjoyed watching the movie. As I watched it with my friends, we tried to solve the mystery together. We really got immersed into the film,” said senior Emma Morneweck.

  The film was produced by 18-year-old Brown and it is the second film that she has produced in her career. Brown not only acts as the main character, but she managed to produce as well, inspiring countless Enola Holmes fans. 

  “Not only was the film well made and crafted, but the fact that Brown is so young and was able to create such an amazing film series is impressive and inspiring,” said senior Vanessa Latam. 

  Part of the film’s appeal is its strong female characters, like the main character Enola and her mother. While entertaining, the film ensures that the audience receives a wider message. 

  “I found myself feeling extremely empowered as I watched the film. It may sound cheesy, but after watching the film, I felt like I could do anything,” said senior Sofia Defilippis. 

  Enola Holmes 2 has made great waves and continues to leave fans wanting more. Thus, the big question is, what is in store for Enola Holmes fans and will there be a third film? While there is yet to be any word surrounding a third film, speculators think that there may be potential for a third. 

Hannah McMillan