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A REVIEW By Stella Nagle

  Captain America: The First Avenger was a shockingly easy-to-follow storyline for a novice Avengers viewer like myself. 

  Whether you are a Marvel fan or not, it doesn't matter. This movie sets the scene for Captain America's character and is fantastic for people jumping into the Marvel movies altogether. The movie creates an exciting mix of timelines, with the period being during WWII and Captain America's heroism being something of the future. The story begins in the present day when scientists in the arctic uncover what we are soon to know as Captain America's shield. The movie then flashes forward to a small, scrawny young man getting denied military recruitment during WWII. He has been deemed an unfit soldier due to his small size and lack of strength. 

  This pulls the viewer in, making his plot more interesting because it pulls at the audience's conscience. After getting denied, he determines he is not willing to give up. He decides to enlist again and is now given a chance to prove himself. It wasn't until he was on a training mission where a grenade was thrown into the crowd that he showed his true intentions of putting his unit before himself. After seeing his confidence in his strength, it became apparent he was the one for the job. 

  This is when the audience falls in love with this once small but courageous man, the now firm and courageous hero we know to be Captain America. The rest of the movie follows him through his challenges and victories, making him into who we know today as a hero. The main character, played by Chris Evans, transformation is amazingly accurate. While the movie's beginning starts in the middle of WWII, the jump to the modern day is seamless. Even his transformation, which isn't immediate, is realistic. The film's creators have created the perfect balance of realism while making Captain America a supernatural being. Not only is the film amazing, but it makes takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions. When he is being bullied, we feel for him in the beginning. He is someone we hold a sense of sadness to. The sadness, however, seems to fade to anger for him when even his commanders make fun of and belittle his capability. Once proving them all wrong and stepping into his new role of Captain America, pride and joy take the stage, and we find ourselves engulfed in the movie's narrative. This movie has executed not only the physical respect of the story but the ability to provoke emotions from the audience. Captain America should be on everyone's movie list and will surely not disappoint.