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A REVIEW By Christina Tsetsakoy 

  “When Harry Met Sally” continues to be an all-time romantic-comedy classic, making anyone who watches it fall in love with the relationship between the two.  

  The story follows two people, Harry and Sally, played by Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, who are driving to New York together after their college graduation. Harry and Sally are total opposites; Sally is perky and particular while Harry is rather broody and pessimistic. 

 The contrast between these two makes them appealing to the audience and shows how perfect they are for each other. Their differences make their dynamic very interesting and also shows their growth throughout the movie.They start to become more like each other, which makes their relationship even better.

  The characters’ development throughout the movie was prevalent and noticeable.Sally became more outgoing, especially during her outburst at the diner. I was dying laughing while watching it and it is a very memorable scene from the movie. Harry learned to express his emotions and the audience can see that at the end when he proclaims his love for her. There are many more moments throughout the movie that make it appealing to all audiences, not just those who like romance.   

  Another part of the movie that I enjoyed was the interview style set up that showed old couples sitting together on the couch and talking about how they met. These scenes were shown right before important moments in Harry and Sally’s relationship.

  The movie used various camera angles to show the emotions that the characters were feeling. In a scene where Harry and Sally both brought dates to a friend’s house, but felt jealous the entire time, the camera would continuously change perspective to show the longing glances they were giving each other. This utilization of the camera angles made the movie more enjoyable because you were able to experience the movie like you were one of the characters. 

  I would give this movie 5/5 stars for the impeccable storytelling and acting. It has everything that a good romance movie should have: a big proclamation of love, a special relationship between the characters that nobody else will understand, and humor. 

  I highly recommend watching this movie for its ability to make you feel like you are part of the love story between Harry and Sally.