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OPINION Kyle Trull

  The Australian Open started in early January and tennis fans are ecstatic. 

  The Australian Open is always the first Grand Slam and showcases many players eager to display their hard work over the last year.

  The matches can be watched on ESPN, which is huge for tennis fans around the world because many professional tournaments are played all over the world, not primarily in the US, and because of this, fans who aren’t subscribed to the tennis channel and other extensions cannot watch live tennis matches.

  One difference between tennis and other sports is that in a tournament there are so many categories that people can play in. Singles, doubles, and mixed doubles are all offered at these big-time tournaments. With this wide variety of tennis, when a tournament happens, the whole tennis community unites and it is incredible to watch. 

  One disappointing factor for this tourney is that Australian Nick Kyrigios has decided to drop out because of a knee injury. Kyrigios shined in his last tournament, the Open. While playing the best tennis of his career, Kyrigios was able to have a smile on his face. Many people were anticipating this to be Kyrigios’ tournament to win, but with the news of his injury, it seemed that dream fell apart. Not only that, but he is my favorite player who always gets the crowd moving, which is something only great tennis players are able to achieve. 

  Even though tennis is considered a mature sport, the antics started on day one. 

  On the first day of the tournament, the number seven-ranked Russia’s Medvedev had a little bit of an outburst. During most of the 2022 season, Medvedev was known as the top player in the world but has now lost a bit of his momentum. During his first match, Medvedev was arguing with a spectator. When he was about to finish the match, he turned around to face the fan and swore at them. 

  This wasn’t the first time Medvedev has talked harshly to a fan. In the last Australian Open, he was also mouthy. To be honest I don’t really like his mindset towards the game. Whenever Medvedev isn’t playing well he always shows emotion, in a bad way. Not only does this throw your game off but it will also let your opponent know you are not mentally there. 

 One of my favorite stories of the tournament is the journey of 20 year old Ben Shelton. Last year, Shelton was playing college tennis at the University of Florida and has made it to the quarterfinals of the open. It goes to show the young talent coming up and makes me excited for the upcoming years of great tennis. Not only that, but he is representing America. Sadly, he lost his quarter-final match but I’m sure his name will be widely known in the tennis world soon.

  Even though the Open’s antics have already started, it is going to be two weeks full of tennis- for fans and anyone who would like to enjoy an amazing sport.