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By Hannah McMillan

  Masco’s theater program has proven that with hard work and passion, dreams really can come true.  

 The program’s production of “Women and Wallace” brought home a win on March 5 at the semi-finals of the Massachusetts Educational Theatre Guild competition, and are hoping to do the same for the final round. 

  The final competition takes place from March 30 to April 1 in Boston. Director Brian Pereira stepped in at a time when they were on the brink of being cut at this time last year. With Pereria’s guidance, the actors’ talent and grit, the program has not only avoided being cut, but also achieved great things. 

  This was the first year that Masco entered the competition and many students have appreciated the new learning experience. 

  “I've performed in front of pretty big audiences in my other shows with Masco Theatre, but the biggest difference in my eyes was that everyone watching at prelims had an eye for performing and a competitive spirit, which really put the pressure on,” said junior Daniel Spofford. “Additionally, being able to talk with other actors after we went and hear real-time feedback about our show was something I'd never experienced before and that I found very special.”    

  A major takeaway from the competition was the incredible bonds with fellow actors that Masco students formed. Although Masco students have performed in front of an audience before, the difference is that they were able to perform in front of judges and other schools, which brought a new level of unity to the cast. 

 “Competing in Dramafest was such a life changing experience. You form such great connections and compete to be the best at doing the thing you love. Seeing all these other shows and seeing their connections to each other is such a positive experience,” said junior Avery Sommer. 

  It was a new experience to be surrounded by other theater programs from other schools and to witness the work ethic that each cast and crew displayed.

  “Every single actor and crew member at Dramafest had worked hard to be there and you could tell the day where it paid off was surreal,” said Spofford.

  The cast and crew were flooded with emotions after receiving their title, having achieved recognition for their months of hard work. 

  “It was almost like the happy ending of a movie. In the moment that our name was announced, it felt like the culmination of our hard work had paid off” said junior Quinn Tierney. 

   Masco’s theater program has made great improvements and commendable achievements this past year. There is no doubt that they will continue to bring home trophies and put smiles on people’s faces.