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By Stella Nagle

  Senior Braeden O’Connell is gearing up for his final spring sports season. 

  This year, the baseball team, which is led by four seniors, is excited to get out on the field for their last high school season. O’Connell plays both first and third base, making sure to be a reliable teammate and a good source of energy for the team. 

  “Atmosphere is huge in every sport. Without a good atmosphere and a good group of teammates, the season lacks the energy needed to succeed,” said O’Connell. 

  The positive environment of baseball was a focus for O’Connell, as he always loved the game and wanted to play with people who shared the same love for the sport. Growing up, O’Connell was surrounded by baseball. His brother played, and his dad coached, allowing him to watch and learn from the games from an early age. By watching, he became involved and, throughout the years, stuck with the sport. 

  Playing in both town and high school leagues, O’Connell’s love of baseball grew, as  did the time and energy he spent on the sport. O’Connell played for a few club teams over the years, allowing him to travel to compete against bigger and better teams. 

  These traveling teams not only improved his game, but built friendships and community.   “My favorite part about traveling was always the time spent with my friends. It allowed me to play a game I love while learning how to excel,” said O’Connell. 

  Last year’s season may not have ended how the team would have wanted, but they are excited to come back and redeem themselves. With tryouts in the past, the team is ready for an exciting season. 

  “Baseball not only has shown me discipline, but has taught me how to lead with strength and sportsmanship,” said O’Connell.

   This upcoming season will be full of excitement as this team prepares for the competition, and O’Connell continues to raise team spirit.