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By Piper Testa

  Now that the night of Halloween has passed, the vote for the best Halloween candy is in full swing among many.

  Halloween has a variety of sugary sweets to choose from in a number of different forms, ranging from small packages to full-on candy bars. Despite the wide variety, there are a few candies that remain the most popular and sought out for.

  “I would have to say the best candy to receive would have to be fun dip or pop rocks,” junior Isabella Bisesti said, “mainly because of the fact they are super crunchy, and with pop rocks, it sounds like fireworks setting off in your mouth.”

  On one hand, the sugary, sweet candy is the one most people hope to get, but on the other, it seems that more chocolatey candy is also widely desired.

  English teacher Laura Deorocki is one of the many who find chocolate candy to be one of the more popular options. “Given a selection of candies, chocolate is the top choice.” Deorocki said. “Resse’s, KitKat, Snickers, and Twix are some of the most popular.”

“[KitKats are definitely my favorite], since during Halloween the wrappers are all spooky themed and it’s cool,”said junior Kylie Lodge.

  The best candy to receive on Halloween is heavily debated, with the only sort of give being that big candy bars is what a majority of trick-or-treaters hunt for. 

  With the large amount of different types of candy available, what is considered the staple Halloween candy is another debate that lurks all throughout the month of October.

  Candy corn is both adored and hated, a wide range of opinions from those who have eaten it or tried it. It is one of the more widely recognized candies in the Halloween season and is popular to spot in stores.

  “I love candy corn! I like it simply because it’s a lot of sugar and it tastes good, nothing else,” said Bisesti. 

  It is one of her favorite candies to have for the spooky season because you could buy it in large numbers and have it for multiple days after purchase.

  “It is the staple candy for Halloween because it was the first one to really ‘come out’ for Halloween and gives the same vibe of Halloween with its colors,” she said.

  Like Bisesti, many people view candy corn as a staple, the candy that best represents Halloween.

  “Candy Corn is not my favorite candy. My favorite is Hershey’s,” said Lodge.   

  Although it is not her favorite, Lodge also enjoys candy corn. She believes that the texture and taste of it complement each other well to make a good candy.,

 “I wouldn’t go as far to say that candy corn is the staple of Halloween,” said Lodge. “While it’s typically associated with Halloween, there are far more popular candies that could be a better staple.”

  Deorocki believes that there is nothing redeemable when it comes to candy corn. 

  “They are like eating candle wax,” she said.

  Though she admits it is a traditional fall treat, Deorocki does not think it deserves notoriety. 

. “Candy corn make their obligatory appearance every Halloween, but few people enjoy them,” Deorocki said. “If you are defining ‘staple’ by taste, then I would not consider candy corn a ‘staple’ Halloween candy.”

  She believes that instead of candy corn, a Reese’s pumpkin would be a more preferable staple candy for the holiday.

  When it comes to candy corn, there tends to be two very distinct sides to it: the people who like candy corn, and the people who absolutely do not. The age-old debate in regards to the best Halloween candy may never be conclusively decided.