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Should Christmas be celebrated in November?

By Theo MacQuarrie


  Christmas is the most popular holiday in the United States, but do some people love it too much? Many people like to put up Christmas decorations in early November, while others prefer to wait until December. Many people hold this matter in their minds as important.

  “In my personal opinion, I regard the celebration of Christmas in November as ridiculous and blasphemy,” said freshman Anders Raines.

  But there are some who have a non-biased opinion on the matter. Whether it be due to their personal morals or even their religious beliefs, everyone celebrates differently.

  “It’s completely up to the person celebrating the holiday when to start and end their season,” said social studies teacher Matthew Chadwick.

    Other people get agitated when they see Christmas decorations up as late as February, but there are those who don’t mind a little extra holiday cheer.

  “I think Christmas decorations are the best, so they can be left whenever,” said freshman Oliver Deeks. “It is never bad to leave them out a little late.”

  Others, however, do not share the same belief. Some can be very strict about when they think Christmas decorations should be left up. They are unwavering in their opinion and will not back down or give up.

  “I believe that lights and decorations should be put up anywhere from December 1-15. All other festivities should begin as soon as December 16. They may be kept up until the tenth of January at the latest,” said Raines.

  Some people like to keep it simple with their decorations. They don’t want to cover their house in lights or statues for one reason or another.

  “I particularly like wreaths, bows, candles, and poinsettias,” said Chadwick. “That’s what comes to mind for me when I think of Christmas decorations.”

Whether it be a song, a band, a holiday, or even a car, most people have their favorites figured out.

  “While Christmas is a good holiday, it pales in comparison to Labor Day,” said Raines. “This might seem like an odd choice, however the discount on automotive vehicles is superb.”

  Of course, opinions are not facts and they all differ. One would be hard-pressed to find two people with all the same beliefs and opinions.

  “Christmas has a cozy vibe, the best songs, and the longest break for a holiday, unlike other holidays such as Halloween and Easter,” said Deeks. “There has to be a reason the Grinch wanted to steal Christmas and not another holiday.”

  Christmas is a time for celebration and joy, but many people often lose sight of the point of the holiday with silly things like this. It is important to respect each other and allow humanity to coexist with itself. Whether you have Christmas decorations up until June, or none at all, it is paramount that we all feel welcome and safe in our communities.


Theo MacQuarrie