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A REVIEW by Piper Beardsell

When I finished The Record by Boygenius for the first time, I had never been in such awe of music before. When the first track began to play and members Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus, and Julien Baker’s harmonies melted together, everything went still. It was just me and the album. I had never heard such a cohesive album with such beautifully crafted lyrics.

  My expectations were far exceeded by this album, and there was such a variety of styles in the songs. I could relate to each song in different ways, and so many emotions were tossed around and perfectly put into words I didn’t have. It felt so personal and heavy in the best way possible. Some songs I was crying to, while the next I was up and dancing. Although each song is about a personal experience Bridgers, Dacus, or Baker have gone through, it allows fans to connect to them through their own experiences, and the songs have their own meaning for each person who listens. I genuinely cannot pick my favorite song off the album, they all are so unique in their own way and executed so well. 

  I was able to see Boygenius live two times this year after the release of their album, and that only made me fall in love with it more. The songs were even better performed live and I now have a deeper connection to them. There is a song for any mood I'm in– it’s such a diverse album, and I can put it on and listen to it every day. The way they harmonize and create their instrumental sounds is truly beautiful, and I will never get tired of listening to each of their stunning voices that fit so perfectly together.