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By Sam Richardson

John Wick is an exciting and action-packed movie that keeps viewers  on the edge of their seats with intense fights, cool camera work, and a tough main character. Directed by Chad Stahelski, the film stars Keanu Reeves as John Wick, a retired hitman out for revenge after a personal tragedy.

The best part of John Wick is the awesome and intense fighting scenes. There are some amazing action scenes throughout the whole movie, so viewers stay on their toes. Reeves does a great job of making John Wick a memorable and tough character that people know not to mess with. 

The story is simple, but it works beautifully for the action film. John Wick's mission starts when something bad happens to his dog, who was a gift from his deceased wife, a few days after her death. The film focuses on his journey without getting too complicated, focusing on the action.

The supporting actors, like Ian McShane and Willem Dafoe, add depth to the movie's secret assassin world. The Continental, a hotel for assassins, brings interesting rules to the story as none of the criminals staying there may conduct “business” such as killing, fighting, and drug deals on the premises of the Continental.

Visually, John Wick is really cool. Using lights and explosions creates well-designed action scenes, making it a treat for the  eyes. The camera work lets you see the action clearly, making it more enjoyable.

  Despite this, the movie isn't perfect. Some might think the story is too simple, and there's not much development for characters other than John Wick.  The writers should have spent a little more time on the build-up to John Wick resorting to his old ways and the backstories of other characters, such as the hotel manager Charon whose hotel seems to be the designated criminal hotspot, but comes with rules and regulations. I wish they dove deeper into the paths crossing back in the day between Wick and the villain, Viggo. The movie was  only an hour and 41 minutes long, and I feel they should’ve created a more detailed and extensive beginning to the film. 

In summary, John Wick is a cool and action-packed movie that shows Keanu Reeves doing what he does best. While the story is straightforward, the amazing action and unique style make it a must-watch for action fans. Get ready for a wild ride with John Wick in his crazy world.