Summer Reading

Posted by Dr. Carabatsos on 8/19/2021 12:30:00 PM



For the past few years, the Principal’s blog has been the primary source of the highlights and headlines for the high school. As I transition to using a weekly newsletter for this purpose, the blog will likely become a place where I can share reminders or reflect on a school community issue. I will begin with Summer Reading. Honestly, I was never a big reader in my younger years. Looking back, my parents weren't avid readers and I think as a result, reading wasn’t “my thing.” More recently, perhaps as a result of my career path, I have learned to appreciate reading. I am not sure I really love it but I appreciate it for what it adds to my personal growth. Whether I read professional books related to teaching and learning or a novel I can’t put down that opens my eyes to varied experiences, reading is meaningful! Right now I am reading “A Man Called Ove” by Fredrik Backman. With summer quickly fading, I am starting to feel the pressure to finish it before the school year gets going in earnest. Finding time to read during the school year is more difficult for me, I tend to do most of my reading during the summer. So, why do I share this with you, well if you are like me, and reading isn’t your “thing” I encourage you to approach your summer reading with an open mind and not wait until adulthood to come to appreciate all that reading has to offer. Here is the link to the summer reading assignments in case you have forgotten. Lastly, a little plug to contact your local library if you need a copy of the book, links are included on the summer assignment page. Now, go grab a book and enjoy the rest of your summer.