Learning to Learn Again

Posted by Mary Jo Carabatsos on 10/12/2021

This is my third attempt to write something to update my Principal’s Blog. With school back in full swing, I was struggling to gather my thoughts and create something with a meaningful message. After my School Committee presentation on Wednesday night, I thought I would share some information about student engagement. Students are starting to confront the struggles of managing their own learning again. What does this mean? Students need to take real-time notes, actively listen, collaboratively work with peers, and put pencil to paper with people watching. For some students, this re-engagement period has been seamless, for others, the loss of practice during remote and hybrid learning has impacted this skillset. My message, be patient and support your student by helping them learn how to advocate for themselves. Let them know it is okay to tell a teacher they are struggling. Often students feel they can only ask for help with they don’t understand a concept, but we want students to let teachers know when they are struggling with school habits too! Hopefully, by investing the time now to relearn these key learning habits, students will feel more confident and successful as the year progresses.