• Parking at Masconomet (during school hours) is by permit only. No permit = No parking


    • Seniors - Parking is open to eligible Seniors in good standing (no social probation, no outstanding obligations). Student must have a valid driver’s license (no permits) and complete the required application. Student permits are valid for the student parking lot only. Permits may not be copied, sold, transferred or fabricated for others to use. Permits are only for use by the student the permit was issued to and only for the vehicle(s) on file listed to that student/permit.  
    • Juniors  - Juniors will not be offered parking until Seniors go on internship in the spring of each school year. Communication on this will be posted in advance.  Juniors with multiple parking violations or Juniors who park on black out (no parking) dates will automatically disqualify themselves and not be eligible to park their senior year


    • All parking fines and fees are payable to: Masconomet Regional High School
    • Violation of school parking rules may result in a $30.00 fine, tow at owner's expense, loss of parking privileges
    • Parking fines will be posted to student's account as an obligation and must be paid by graduation
    • Parking fines not appealed within 3 school days from the date of issue must be paid
    • Loss or theft of a parking permit must be reported to the Security Office or an Administrator immediately. A $10.00 replacement fee will be assessed


    A student may appeal a parking violation within 3 school days of the date of issue. Appeals must be made by the student and in person to the Director of Security. Then, depending on the outcome of the first appeal, students may appeal to the High School Principal whose decision is final. 


    A temporary parking system is in place for short term - special/exigent circumstances. Jobs, activities, clubs and things that are recurring and known in advance do not constitute matters for consideration. Temporary parking requires approval from and coordination in advance with the Director of Security. Those approved will be issued a temporary permit and will be charged a per occasion fee of $10.00. Anyone issued a temporary parking permit must comply with all school parking rules. Temporary permit holders in violation of parking rules will be subject to a parking fine, tow at owner's expense or loss of privileges just like regular permit holders.