Ongoing Opportunities


    1:1 Volunteer for Massachusetts Association of Blind and Visually Impaired  The Family Volunteer Program allows high school students and their parents to volunteer together. High school students can make a difference in a blind person’s life while gaining valuable education from the experience. Exposure to how people with disabilities use technology is particularly important so that teen volunteers understand how technology can level the playing field in the workplace, education, and daily life. This initiative provides meaningful service opportunities to teens, and the opportunity for the teens to become comfortable working with someone with a disability, an experience that will carry over into their adult lives and careers.

    Become guided sight for a person who is blind or visually impaired. Every volunteer has a unique role specific to the needs of the individual being served. Volunteers often assist with:
    • Grocery or other types of shopping (helping select gifts, etc.)
    • Assorted errands
    • Clerical tasks, filling out forms, reading bills
    • Reading print material, such as mail, magazines, or books
    • Being a sighted guide at the gym, running or walking, hiking, or other fitness activities
    • Activities of the consumer’s choice
    • Technology support (replacing ink cartridges, connecting devices, etc.)

    Apply for the program at Orientation and CORI (at least one family adult above 18 years old) must be done before start the volunteering work.

    We will provide training on how to assist someone who is blind or visually impaired and will match you with an individual in or near your community. Volunteers can let us know which tasks they wish to help with.
    • Volunteers must be 18 or older or accompanied by an adult.
    • Potential volunteers are interviewed, undergo a criminal record check (CORI) and attend an orientation.
    • Time commitment ranges from two hours per week to two hours every other week, with a minimum commitment of six months.
    • Typically, an on-going day/time is determined in advance to offer consistency.

     Please contact Tara Bhatt about the volunteering learning experience.  For more details at

    Muddy Creek Animal Care Center is looking for some long term assistants.  Some training is involved so interested students would need to make a committment tp the organization.  If interested, contact Ana Hubbard at 978-948-2345 or

    The Community Giving Tree is looking for high school students to volunteer on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, 3-5pm, at the Giving Center, 572 Main St. in West Boxford.  We have many new donations of clothing and baby equipment, and need volunteers to sort and process these items so that they can be distributed to local children in need.  Just visit to sign up.  Teens can volunteer one shift, or as many as they'd like. Masco students can take Bus 13 after school to the corner of Main/Washington St.(133).  Bring a friend or two!

    The Boxford Cable Access TV needs help taping sporting events, announcing games, editing video in the studio, covering government meetings. Events are covered in Boxford and Topsfield. For more information, contact Brad Sweet at 978-853-6313 or email him at or contact Jon Rivers on his cell at 978-973-4287 or via email at

    The Boxford Library is looking for volunteers to help after school with shelving and labeling books. For more information, please contact Winifred Flint at 978-887-7323 or via email at

    Wolf Hollow in Ipswich, MA has a mission to protect and preserve wolves in the wild. Volunteers (18 or older) are needed with property and trail maintenance, feeding the animals and with customer service. For more information, call 978-356-0216 or visit their website,

    The Samaritans Teen Crisis Help Line is looking for teen volunteers to be trained to answer the phones and accept crisis calls. For more information, visit their website, or call 617-536-2460.