About Student Council

  • Student Council is an official student government organization. School-wide elections in May determine the leadership of the council on the executive board. Ten representatives are chosen per grade. The council sponsors programs to promote school spirit, social and civic responsibility, and better faculty-student relations.

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Position Name Grade Contact
President Annabelle Collins Junior afcollins@mrsdmail.org
President Elect Justin Crosby Sophomore jmcrosby@mrsdmail.org
Vice President Peyton Ralph Junior peralph@mrsdmail.org
Corresponding Secretary Morgan Brooke Junior mebrooke@mrsdmail.org
Recording Secretary Jacqueline Bazazi Freshman jabazazi@mrsdmail.org
Treasurer Makayla Kalman Junior makalman@mrsdmail.org
SAB Tara Gallagher Junior tfgallagher@mrsdmail.org
SAC Sean Bonefant Junior srbonefant@mrsdmail.org
SAC elect Madelyn Puglisi Sophomore mrpuglisi@mrsdmail.org
School Council Daniel Bresnahan Junior dmbresnahan@mrsdmail.org
School Council William Hunter Junior wthunter@mrsdmail.org
Last Modified on April 24, 2019