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  • Learning to Learn Again

    Posted by Mary Jo Carabatsos on 10/12/2021

    This is my third attempt to write something to update my Principal’s Blog. With school back in full swing, I was struggling to gather my thoughts and create something with a meaningful message. After my School Committee presentation on Wednesday night, I thought I would share some information about student engagement. Students are starting to confront the struggles of managing their own learning again. What does this mean? Students need to take real-time notes, actively listen, collaboratively work with peers, and put pencil to paper with people watching. For some students, this re-engagement period has been seamless, for others, the loss of practice during remote and hybrid learning has impacted this skillset. My message, be patient and support your student by helping them learn how to advocate for themselves. Let them know it is okay to tell a teacher they are struggling. Often students feel they can only ask for help with they don’t understand a concept, but we want students to let teachers know when they are struggling with school habits too! Hopefully, by investing the time now to relearn these key learning habits, students will feel more confident and successful as the year progresses. 

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  • The School Year Routine

    Posted by Mary Jo Carabatsos on 9/7/2021 10:00:00 AM

    For a few weeks now I have been talking about my excitement to meet students and get the school year started. However, what I have neglected to mention, is that the new school year makes me happy because it brings with it the comfort of a routine. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a more leisurely morning coffee in the summer, but I also don’t mind knowing that my alarm will go off at the same time each day. Usually, within a week or two, I find a school-year rhythm that grounds my work giving me a fighting chance to accomplish all of the things I need to get done in a day. In fact, even a small change in the daily schedule can make me less productive. This isn’t new for me, when I think back to high school, even then, I was entrenched in routines, school, sports, and work (repeat). Having a schedule made and still makes me feel more productive. So, my advice as you start your school year, find or make a routine and stick to it. Your school-day schedule is set for you, but I challenge you to make an after-school routine that speaks to all of the things you need to accomplish. Every schedule needs to include “unscheduled time” although it sounds silly to schedule in unscheduled time. However, taking time to just be is important too! Don’t forget to include things that are shown to improve your overall well-being such as exercise, mindfulness, and a few moments of gratitude. Some people use a digital calendar to plan their time, I tend to combine the use of a digital calendar for long-term planning and a paper task list as I make my way through my day. You need to find what works for you. If you don’t have a planner, you can easily craft a daily planner, but here is an afterschool planning template to get you started. I look forward to meeting many of you in the weeks ahead.

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  • Summer Reading

    Posted by Dr. Carabatsos on 8/19/2021 12:30:00 PM



    For the past few years, the Principal’s blog has been the primary source of the highlights and headlines for the high school. As I transition to using a weekly newsletter for this purpose, the blog will likely become a place where I can share reminders or reflect on a school community issue. I will begin with Summer Reading. Honestly, I was never a big reader in my younger years. Looking back, my parents weren't avid readers and I think as a result, reading wasn’t “my thing.” More recently, perhaps as a result of my career path, I have learned to appreciate reading. I am not sure I really love it but I appreciate it for what it adds to my personal growth. Whether I read professional books related to teaching and learning or a novel I can’t put down that opens my eyes to varied experiences, reading is meaningful! Right now I am reading “A Man Called Ove” by Fredrik Backman. With summer quickly fading, I am starting to feel the pressure to finish it before the school year gets going in earnest. Finding time to read during the school year is more difficult for me, I tend to do most of my reading during the summer. So, why do I share this with you, well if you are like me, and reading isn’t your “thing” I encourage you to approach your summer reading with an open mind and not wait until adulthood to come to appreciate all that reading has to offer. Here is the link to the summer reading assignments in case you have forgotten. Lastly, a little plug to contact your local library if you need a copy of the book, links are included on the summer assignment page. Now, go grab a book and enjoy the rest of your summer. 

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  • Ready To Get Started

    Posted by Mary Jo Carabatsos on 7/8/2021 1:55:00 PM

    I am honored and privileged to be the next Principal of Masconomet Regional High School. During the final weeks of the school year, I was able to meet with a number of school community members to get a better feel for the school. The meetings have provided a solid foundation for my work ahead. As I begin to know the community better, I welcome you to reach out if you would like an opportunity to meet with me in the coming weeks.


    Later this month, I will introduce my MRHS Newsletter that will provide an overview of the week ahead with headlines, highlights, and information.


    As I begin my work this summer, I am focusing on getting to know the school community better and ensuring that Masconomet Regional High School continues to foster a sense of belonging for all students. 



    Mary Jo Carabatsos Ph.D.



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  • Class of 2021 Graduation and Awards

    Posted by Peter Delani on 6/4/2021 3:00:00 PM



    Click below to view or print:


    CLASS OF 2021 AWARDS CEREMONY PROGRAM (Thursday, June 3rd)


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    Posted by Peter Delani on 6/1/2021 8:32:00 AM



    Class of 2021  - Senior Week Activities

    We are happy to inform you that due to new state Covid-guidelines that will go into effect on Friday, May 29, 20201 we are able to open up our Senior Week Activities.  I have been meeting with Ms. DiNardo the Assistant Principal for Juniors/Seniors, Mr. Massicotte the Senior Class Advisor, Student Representatives and other key personnel to make this a meaningful celebration for the Class of 2021.   The week is filled with opportunities for the Senior Class to gather together and celebrate individual and collective accomplishments.  Please note the following: 

    Parent/Family Ticket Information

    • Senior Awards on 6/3:
      • Invited Guests: Parents/Guardians of Seniors are welcome to join us at the Senior Awards event.  To help facilitate parking issues we ask that parents/guardians carpool where possible.  
      • Parking will be available for all Seniors in the Student Parking Lot adjacent to the Field Hockey Field.
    • Graduation on 6/4:
      • Each graduate will receive 6 Tickets for Parents/Guardians & family members.
      • Please note that graduates do NOT need to travel in the same vehicle as their parents/guardians as the state’s new guidelines will be in effect post 5/29/21

    SENIOR WEEK (May 31st  - June 4th)

    • Monday, May 31st (Memorial Day) No School
    • Tuesday, 6/1 : Last day of Senior Workshops.  
      • Senior car parade June 1st - 5pm Senior Car Parade Info
        • Seniors arrive at Fairgrounds at 4pm
        • Encouraged to decorate cars - prizes will be awarded!
        • Start time: 5pm from Topsfield Fairgrounds to South Main Street through Center of Topsfield, left at Congregational Church on Washington Street and follow to Masconomet High School
        • Follow class of 2021 on Instagram
    • Wednesday, 6/2:  CLASS of 2021 Graduation Rehearsal Day & Senior Luncheon.  
      •  Rehearsal: 8:00am - 12:00noon. 
        • Field House & Football
          • Note:  Seniors will receive their Caps & Gowns & Graduation Tickets. 
      • Class of 2021 Luncheon
        • Outdoors under the tent
        • Parking Notes:Seniors will park in the Student Parking Lot adjacent to the Field Hockey Fields.  No parking permits are needed.
    • Thursday 6/3 CLASS of 2021 Breakfast & Senior Awards Ceremony/Appreciation:
      • Class of 2021 Breakfast: 9:00am 
        • Field House
      • Senior Awards Ceremony: 10am to 12:00 noon
        • Football Field
      • Senior Class Appreciation: Whoopie Pies following the Ceremony
      • Class of 2021 Luncheon
        • Outdoors under the tent
      • Parking Notes:
        • Seniors will park in the Student Parking Lot adjacent to the Field Hockey Fields.  No parking permits are needed. 
        • Parents/Guardians: Please arrive around 9:30am.  There will be Masco Security and Police Details directing traffic.
    • Friday 6/4 CLASS of 2021 Graduation.  6:00pm - 8:30pm
      • Seniors should report to the Field House at 5pm.  
      • They will proceed out to the Football Field at approximately 5:50pm, beginning the graduation ceremony at 6pm.  Graduation will be livestreamed for family members and friends not in attendance.  Additionally, please note:
      • Each student will have their name read in alphabetical order and will  proceed up  to the stage to receive their diploma case.  The students actual diplomas will be mailed home the following week.
      • Parking Notes:
        • Seniors will park in the Student Parking Lot adjacent to the Field Hockey Fields.  No parking permits are needed.
        • We will begin seating Guests at 5:30pm.  There will be Masco Security and Police Details directing traffic.

    Following week:

     A dedicated parent group has organized both a Red Sox game and a Senior Celebration.  For more information on the celebration, please go to the following link:

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  • Senior Workshop Speakers - Day 10 of 10

    Posted by Peter Delani on 6/1/2021 8:30:00 AM

    Tuesday June 1st



    Company: URI Assistant Director of Career Services

    Topic: Using Career Services in College




    Topic: Moments

    Retired from Masconomet in June 2020, having taught Health Education and EMT classes since He is currently teaching EMT and photography classes at North Shore Community College and runs a photography business from his home. 









    Company: Merrimack Valley Chiropractic

    Topic: Living a Healthy Lifestyle

    Ryan is very passionate about helping people reclaim their health so they can live the lives that they were designed to live.

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  • Class of 2021 Celebrated in Middleton Magazine

    Posted by Peter Delani on 5/28/2021 1:00:00 PM

    The Class of 2021 was celebrated in Middleton Magazine's May/Summer edition.


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  • Memorial Day 2021

    Posted by Peter Delani on 5/28/2021 7:00:00 AM

    Student Council Asks "What Does Memorial Day Mean To You?"

    in their MEMORIAL DAY VIDEO.

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  • Senior Workshop Speakers - Day 9 of 10

    Posted by Peter Delani on 5/28/2021 6:30:00 AM



    WGBH News/Boston Public Radio
    Zoe will discuss 'a day in the life' of a producer, which entails a lot of fast-paced research, directing the show, and writing web content. She will also talk about the work that goes into podcast production. Zoe has also worked as a print reporter for The Eagle-Tribune, so can discuss the basics of community journalism: building sources, hitting deadlines, and of course, writing for print.



    Jenna is a former French magazine writer and current U.S. content designer. Anything and everything you see on a website is what she creates. Foreign language helped her get jobs abroad and in the U.S., and she will explain how it can do that for you, too.



    CMLB Network
    Brian is an Emmy Award Winning producer with extensive background in documentary filmmaking. He is skilled in storytelling, editing, and project management.


    Clark's--Latin America Territory & Marketing Mgr.


    12:30--KEVIN DILLON - MASCO ‘12

    MLB/NHL Networks
    Kevin writes research packets for network hosts to use to help drive the discussions on their shows (among other responsibilities). Before this, he did the same job at the NFL Network, and was a journalist for four years at MassLive covering the Patriots and other Boston area sports teams (as well as some high school sports). Kevin will speak a little about his path to getting where he is now, how to find a good story, and what it's like to ask a question at a Bill Belichick press conference


    Topic: The Personal and Professional Benefits of Learning a Second Language 
    Brooke will share about her experience serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay and her current role at Xperitas where she uses her Spanish skills to build cultural immersion programs with community-based organizations in Mexico, Guatemala, and Peru.


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