By Quinn Tierney  

      With Black Friday behind us and the holiday shopping season now in full swing, Masco is searching for gifts. One resource some can use is talk show host Oprah Winfrey’s list of her favorite things for 2022.

      On the list, shoppers can find different categories filled with various products for everyone and daily activities. Some of these categories include cozy, kitchen, children, and tech.

      Like most of Oprah's followers, junior Samantha Serio had a chance to browse through the different categories of items and form opinions on what she liked, specifically the “Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket National Parks collection” listed for $129.

      “The National Parks blanket has to be my favorite. I love the print and how it’s made from 100% recycled insulation. I could bring it to the beach as a blanket to lay on or on a camping trip,” Serio said. 

     The list is sponsored by Amazon, which means each product has a link directly below that brings the customer to the product and places it in their Amazon shopping cart. This has the potential to decrease the number of in-person shoppers this holiday season, as Oprah's list continues to be published with only options to buy online. 

      Choir teacher Brian O’Cock feels differently about this idea.

      “I don’t really buy things online. I do occasionally buy from Amazon, but I don’t really like ordering online,” O’Cock said.

       O’Cock is also not a fan of this trend of celebrities and influencers publishing their Christmas lists, but they continue to be popular. According to The Cut’s article “Do People Still Buy Oprah’s Favorite Things?”, when Oprah's Favorite Things first aired in 2002, it reached 870,000 viewers, but by 2010, it had increased to 9 million viewers. As the years have gone on, the number of people visiting this site has grown. 

      The Cut connects these numbers to “The Oprah Effect,” which is the idea that anytime celebrities like Oprah mention something, people want to buy it.

      Junior Camille Wayland is not the biggest fan of Oprah, but still finds herself wanting to buy things off her list.

      “My favorite thing on Oprah’s 2022 list has to be the warm-up animals. My sisters all have these, but they keep blowing up in the microwave, so we have been looking for a new brand. I’m excited to try these because warm-up animals come in handy for muscle pain, period cramps, or especially cold winter nights. Maybe I can get this as a gift for my sisters too,” Wayland said.

      Senior Eleanor Posanka found some options on the list for herself, including the Emu Australia Stinger Micro Teddy Boots listed on Oprah’s list for $150.

      “These look warm, cozy, and perfect for chilly winter days,” Posanka said.

      Some of the list’s most expensive items are $125 bath salts from Brazil, a $408 toaster with a built-in panini press, and a $700 pizza oven.

      Senior Spencer Scully is hesitant to buy things off Oprah’s Favorite Things list.

      “This is just not practical; most people would not be able to afford this,” said Scully.

       People who agree with Scully may find the cheaper items on the list more reasonable. For people shopping on a budget, the less expensive items on the list include $18 bracelet hair ties, a $25 baseball cap with an LED light above the visor, and a $28 foot care kit.

      Although the Oprah Effect may draw people to her website, people like Wayland, Serio, Posanka, and Scully show that whether you are looking for something eco-friendly, something cuddly, or something reasonably priced, Oprah’s list has something for everyone.

      Though the COVID pandemic is beginning to wind down, many people are still grateful to have a plethora of online shopping opportunities. Oprah’s Favorite Things list offers consumers the chance to read reviews before they buy.