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    By Lily Wheadon 

      The French Club has begun planning for many upcoming events to finish out this school year and make an activity-filled return to school in the fall.

     The French Club met on May 18, where they planned to play “loup-garou” (which is French for “werewolf”) and participate in a game of French bingo. “Loup-garou” involves two people being secretly assigned the role of loup-garou, and each round, they must secretly “kill” other players. It is then up to the group as a whole to vote for who they think the loup-garous are. If the loup-garous are voted out before all the other people are killed, then the “townspeople” win. If everyone besides the two villains are killed, then the loup-garous win.

      To organize the bingo game, the officers will use an online bingo platform to create randomly-generated bingo cards with French words and phrases on them for club members to use.

      The officers have also begun planning for end-of-year celebrations and arrangements. The club wants to have another meeting focused around food, and have considered the possibility of an ice cream party at school. The officers first offered to get ice cream for the club meeting, but storing this ice cream at school all day without it melting would be impossible. Alternatively, the club has considered meeting off-campus–potentially at Richardson’s– to celebrate the end of the school year. 

      Additionally, the officers have considered meeting at a French bakery, as they had planned on visiting Taste Buds Kitchen to make French baked goods earlier in the year, but were unable to go due to scheduling conflicts.

      When reflecting on the year, the French Club had fond memories of a variety of different activities.

      “I liked the meeting where we made bûche de noëls,” said club president Celia Russo.

      Other favorite activities included French karaoke and a scavenger hunt around the school.

      “The scavenger hunt was fun; we would go up to random people and ask them to speak French,” said vice president Marija Koris.

      Although the French Club has fun events planned for the remainder of the year, they also have to plan for the upcoming year. The sophomore officers have decided that they would like to have more club leadership positions next year, but they need a new method to choose these officers. 

      In the past, the graduating senior officers have selected club members to fill their roles in the next year, but since the club had no senior officers this year, the officers will have to come up with a new method for choosing individuals for leadership roles. They have considered holding elections at the beginning of next year to choose more officers, as this method would generate discussion about planning activities for the next year.

      One of the main projects that the French Club will work on next school year is organizing activities for the French exchange students who will be visiting. 

      “The exchange is usually one of the most fun things we do, and that is usually at the beginning of the year,” said club advisor Deidra Boucher.

      Between final meetings, potential officer elections, and planning for activities with exchange students who will be coming early next school year, the French Club is gearing up for an action-packed end to the school year.